10 Customer Experience ECommerce Case Studies

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Here are 10 customer experience ecommerce case studies to help inspire positive change in your contact centre.

1. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook, a prominent brand in the UK travel sector, is a fully digital retailer.

Despite the challenges posed in recent years, Thomas Cook thrived and is now a leading tailored package holiday operator in the UK, experiencing a remarkable 100% year-on-year growth.

The Travel Industry Is Volatile, Causing Disruptions in Contact Volumes

However, the travel industry is volatile, with factors like flight changes, weather events, and labour disputes causing disruptions in contact volumes and handling times.

Moreover, customer contact patterns have shifted significantly from phone calls to webchat and WhatsApp.

Thomas Cook Needed a Robust WFM System

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To efficiently manage this evolving landscape, Thomas Cook needed a robust workforce management (WFM) system.

They implemented injixo, a cloud-based application, meeting the need for comprehensive functionality in handling multichannel, multiskilled, and highly volatile operations.

The quick implementation and user-friendly features of injixo led to significant improvements.

Enhanced Forecast Accuracy, Reduced Wait Times

Through injixo, Thomas Cook achieved notable benefits across customer experience, agent satisfaction, and business efficiency.

These included enhanced forecast accuracy, reduced wait times, streamlined processes for agents, and substantial cost savings for the business.

Looking ahead, as Thomas Cook continues its rapid growth, optimizing the balance between customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and business efficiency remains a central challenge in resource planning.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: injixo and Thomas Cook


2. Afterpay

Afterpay, an Australian fintech company with a presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, faced significant challenges due to its rapid growth.

Over the past year, Afterpay’s consumer base doubled to over 11 million active customers, and they formed 40,000 retail partnerships, leading to increased customer support demands.

Forecasting Their Staffing Needs Was a Key Challenge

One key challenge was forecasting their contact centre staffing needs, particularly in regions with no historical data.

Additionally, they lacked visibility into agent performance and had difficulty defining and reporting on the success of customer teams. Afterpay’s solution was to implement Playvox Workforce Management, focusing on forecasting and reporting.

Agent Productivity Increased by Nearly 30%

Hand pointing at arrow going up - increase concept

The results were impressive. Agent productivity increased by nearly 30%, and quality assurance (QA) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores improved.

This success was essential for Afterpay, which had expanded rapidly, launching in new regions and attracting thousands of customers daily.

Playvox’s understanding of their complex needs allowed them to adopt Workforce Management efficiently in Australia and New Zealand and prepare for implementation in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Real-Time Dashboards Provided Insights Into Productivity

Playvox Workforce Management enabled remote work, maintaining performance while ensuring staff safety through social distancing.

Real-time dashboards provided insights into productivity, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Yvonne Gilmour, Afterpay’s Head of Service Delivery, praised Playvox’s adaptability and expertise, emphasizing their commitment to helping Afterpay achieve its goals and constantly raising the bar.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: How Afterpay Increased Agent Productivity 30%


3. Cyprus Airways

Cyprus Airways is an airline that has been rapidly expanding its operations, aiming to connect Cyprus to Europe and the Middle East, with plans to increase its route network from 18 to 30 destinations by 2026.

Expansion Came With an Increase in Customer Calls

However, this growth came with an increase in customer calls to its contact centre, which their existing voice-only solution couldn’t handle.

To address these challenges and transition to an omnichannel communication approach, the airline chose Enghouse Interactive‘s Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

Callbacks During High-Demand Periods and Live Chat

Enghouse CCaaS offers advanced technology and cloud-based scalability, allowing Cyprus Airways to provide efficient and effective customer service.

Illustration of a phone and speech bubbles

The platform introduced features such as automatic call distribution, callbacks during high-demand periods, and live chat for real-time assistance.

It also improved the agent experience with a user-friendly interface, call recording for coaching, and supervisor support tools.

As a result, customer satisfaction scores have risen, leading to increased customer loyalty, recommendations, and ancillary service sales.

The Enghouse Platform Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility

The Enghouse platform has also enhanced efficiency and flexibility within the contact centre, enabling Cyprus Airways to handle growing demand cost effectively.

Looking to the future, the airline plans to further expand its omnichannel services, integrate with CRM and payment solutions, and adapt to changing customer needs.

Overall, Enghouse CCaaS has empowered Cyprus Airways to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide exceptional service to passengers, ensuring continued success and growth in the years ahead.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Cyprus Airways Delivers Sky-High Customer Service



Cognigy.AI has enabled CRMG, a technology solutions provider, to revolutionize customer service automation and debt collection.

Serving 200,000 customers monthly with only three live agents, CRMG’s virtual agent outperforms approximately 1,000 human agents.

This exceptional success can be attributed to Cognigy.AI’s pre-made AI structure that seamlessly integrates with their CRM.

Empowering Customers to Manage Their Debt Payments Online

CRMG’s CEO and Chief Information Officer, David Morgan, expressed his confidence in Cognigy.AI, which has led to massive success in the debt collection industry.

The company’s vision was to empower customers to manage their debt payments online, reducing discomfort associated with traditional debt collection methods.

An “AI-in-the-Box” Approach

Robot with boxes

CRMG initially experimented with Google and IBM but found them inadequate.

Cognigy’s conversational AI platform provided the ideal solution, offering an “AI-in-the-box” approach that required minimal customization.

The CRMG bot conducts outbound calls, sends emails and phone messages, and is available for live chat, providing customers with transparency and control over their payment plans in 30 languages.

CRMG Achieved Unprecedented Growth

CRMG’s virtual agents process over 20,000 calls daily, an equivalent to what 1,000 human agents would handle, resulting in 10x faster market growth.

Customer engagement and payment settlement have improved, positively impacting an industry typically associated with negativity.

Thanks to Cognigy.AI, CRMG has achieved unprecedented growth within just two years, a feat that would typically take a decade or more. Overall, Cognigy.AI has empowered CRMG to realize its vision and redefine the customer service and debt collection landscape.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: How CRMG Disrupted Its Industry With Cognigy AI


5. Wowcher

Wowcher, the UK’s second-largest online vouchering website, faced challenges with advisor performance, connecting sales with customer service outcomes, and high contact volumes due to poor first contact resolution.

To address these issues, they adopted Vonage Contact Centre (VCC) with Salesforce Integration, resulting in significant improvements.

Call Abandonment Rate Decreased to Less Than 4%

The implementation of VCC led to remarkable results for Wowcher. The call abandonment rate decreased to less than 4%, and they successfully achieved their target of answering 90% of calls within 30 seconds. Additionally, the average number of contacts per caller dropped from 2.4 to 1.7 in just six months.

VCC’s real-time reporting and analytics provided valuable insights, enabling Wowcher to enhance their contact centre processes, IVR menus, and advisor performance.

As a result, customer experience improved, and the company’s service level and average handling time exceeded expectations.

Improved Engagement and Employee Satisfaction

Person with smiley face on speech bubble

The user-friendly interface and features like ‘popped’ customer details, and click-to-dial calling further streamlined advisor responsibilities, contributing to improved engagement and employee satisfaction, which now stands at 91%.

VCC’s ability to easily change IVR menus without incurring additional costs was a significant advantage.

This feature allowed Wowcher to resolve 25% of calls using IVR and make instant menu changes to cater to different customer groups and promote popular products.

The Cloud-Based Platform Enabled Remote Access

Moreover, VCC helped Wowcher reduce operating costs, offering a callback service instead of outsourcing overflow calls.

The cloud-based platform enabled remote access, supporting disaster recovery planning and the ability to handle spikes in call volumes.

Vonage provided excellent customer support, with the system operational within ten days and tailored consulting to meet Wowcher’s specific needs.

Overall, the adoption of Vonage Contact Centre has brought remarkable efficiency, improved customer service, and cost savings to Wowcher.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Wowcher Gives Customers the WOW Factor


6. Stockpile

Stockpile, a fintech start-up, empowers investors of all ages, including millennials and children, to enter the stock market swiftly, offering fractional shares and shares as gifts.

However, like many companies in a highly regulated sector, Stockpile had to balance customer care and compliance.

Jeffrey Laird, VP of Customer Care, faced the challenge of translating customer feedback into actionable data and influencing product development.

30% of Customers Were Concerned About Money Movement Issues

Stockpile adopted Customer AI, an AI-powered text analytics platform by Playvox, which transformed their customer feedback analysis.

By analysing Intercom conversations, Trustpilot reviews, and Apple App Store feedback, they found that 30% of customers were concerned about money movement issues, such as insufficient funds fees.

This tangible evidence led to collaborative efforts to address the problem, including the implementation of Plaid’s balance check feature.

Saving 596 Agent Hours Annually

Save time concept with person putting watch in piggy bank

The results were impressive: 60,000+ conversations were automatically tagged from multiple data sources, saving 596 agent hours annually.

Stockpile achieved a 350%+ ROI from conversation tagging automation, saving $27,000 in operational costs, and 57,000 hours of customer time.

Streamlined Their Operations and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer AI provided Stockpile with the insights and data they needed to address critical customer concerns, demonstrating the platform’s value as a storytelling and analysis tool for the company.

It streamlined their operations and improved customer satisfaction, illustrating how AI can drive efficiency and success in a heavily regulated industry.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Customer AI Helps Stockpile Achieve 350% ROI


7. Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy is committed to fostering a sustainable energy future, offering innovative solutions and services to customers in the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors across 90 countries, employing around 38,000 people.

A Customer Connect Team Operating 24x7x365

To meet the diverse needs of its global clientele, the organization runs a Customer Connect team operating 24x7x365, delivering support in 14 languages. This team handles a wide array of enquiries, from routine requests to technical support calls and sales enquiries.

Hitachi Energy faced the challenge of unifying its customer support system. While its CRM was global, its legacy voice contact centre was fragmented across three regions, causing inefficiencies in handling customer queries, particularly language-specific ones.

To resolve this issue, they selected Enghouse Interactive’s Cloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution, which seamlessly integrates with CRM systems and enables efficient language-specific routing.

Replacing the Legacy Voice Solution

Voice concept with sound waves and microphone icon

The implementation involved replacing the legacy voice solution and expanding multi-language chat capabilities.

This enhanced customer service by providing customers with real-time language translation, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. It also integrated with Microsoft Teams, enabling agents to collaborate seamlessly.

With this transformation, Customer Connect has become the primary point of contact for global interactions, resulting in a 500% increase in interactions.

Hitachi Energy continues to plan for future enhancements, leveraging Enghouse’s latest features, such as AI-driven agent performance monitoring and sentiment analysis, to better serve their customers and adapt to evolving technological changes.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Hitachi Energy Delivers Global Follow-the-Sun Support


8. Pharmacy2U

The UK’s largest online pharmacy, Pharmacy2U, has significantly improved its customer support and operational efficiency by implementing RingCentral’s Contact Centre solution.

The pharmacy, known for its home-delivered medications and innovative services, was facing challenges managing customer enquiries from various channels and lacked real-time visibility into their workloads.

Consolidation Provided Greater Control, Flexibility, and Efficiency

After transitioning to RingCentral Contact Centre, Pharmacy2U integrated its communication channels into a unified platform, enabling its customer care team to handle phone calls, emails, faxes, and online chats seamlessly.

This consolidation provided greater control, flexibility, and efficiency for the team, with the ability to prioritize and automate customer contacts as needed.

Analysing Data to Optimize the Customer Care Operation

Illustration of people analysing data on computer

Additionally, RingCentral’s reporting and analytics tools allowed managers to monitor operations in real time and analyse data to optimize the customer care operation.

As a result, they reduced monthly customer contacts by 30%, improving the agent and customer experience.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of RingCentral’s cloud-based solution, enabling Pharmacy2U to seamlessly transition staff to remote work.

The flexibility of the platform allowed support advisors to log in from anywhere, using any device, ensuring business continuity during a challenging time.

Accommodating the Evolving Needs of the Business

The successful partnership with RingCentral not only streamlined Pharmacy2U’s operations but also provided adaptability to accommodate the evolving needs of the business, including supporting the vaccination drive across the UK with flexible communication solutions.

Overall, the implementation of RingCentral Contact Centre has revolutionized Pharmacy2U’s customer support and operational efficiency, making it easier to manage enquiries, improve service quality, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Pharmacy2U Provides Cost-Effective Customer Support


9. HotelBeds

HotelBeds faced the challenge of transitioning its contact centre and other personnel to remote working.

To accomplish this, the company needed to upgrade and migrate its telephony infrastructure to a single platform that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. The solution came in the form of Vonage Contact Centre with Salesforce Integration.

HotelBeds Successfully Moved to a Remote Working Environment

The results of this transition were highly positive. HotelBeds successfully moved to a remote working environment, operating on a single, cloud-based contact centre platform.

This shift led to improved call answer times, increased answer rates, reduced costs, and enhanced call stability and audio quality for their customers.

Measuring Productivity and Achieving Cost Savings

Person measuring graph

Significantly affected HotelBeds’ business operations necessitated changes in communication with partners, suppliers, and customers.

They turned to Vonage Contact Centre to facilitate remote communication, enabling them to measure productivity and achieve cost savings.

The solution also allowed them to handle inbound calls – a shift in their sales strategy.

Greater Call Stability and Improved Audio Quality

The choice of Vonage Contact Centre was driven by the need to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, which serves as a cornerstone of their organization.

This integration provided numerous benefits, including greater call stability, improved audio quality, reduced dropped calls, automatic client details access, enhanced call answer metrics, and cost savings for clients with local rate telephone numbers.

Additionally, the platform offers valuable customer data, streamlining operations and enhancing personal connections across multiple channels.

Overall, HotelBeds successfully embraced remote work and upgraded their telephony infrastructure with Vonage Contact Centre, resulting in improved efficiency and customer experience.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: HotelBeds Tackles the Challenges of a Remote Working


10. Will Bank

Will Bank, a rapidly expanding fintech company in Brazil, has made significant strides in improving its customer service operations through the adoption of the Playvox Quality Management Suite.

Will Bank is part of a larger organization with over two decades of experience in digital banking, boasting more than one million customers.

Will Bank Initially Relied on Manual Processes and Disparate Tools

With a surging demand for their services, Will Bank faced challenges in ensuring efficient customer interactions. They initially relied on manual processes and disparate tools, causing difficulties in providing timely feedback to their expanding team of call centre agents.

Implementing Playvox’s suite allowed agents to access real-time feedback, dispute scores, and redeem incentives in a centralized location.

The results have been remarkable, with agent performance significantly improving, and the average CSAT score rising by approximately 25 percentage points.

The Consolidated Platform Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Illustration of people talking and shaking hands from laptop screens

Playvox’s integration with existing systems also streamlined onboarding and provided agents with the necessary resources, reducing time to productivity.

The consolidated platform enhanced communication and collaboration within the organization, eliminating the need for extensive email exchanges and enhancing the efficiency of monthly review meetings.

The alignment between the quality team and customer experience leaders has increased, ultimately benefiting the organization and its customers.

Read the full case study here: Case Study: Financial Services Company Transforms Its QA Process


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