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There’s something we all have in common when hopping in and out of software all day — we want our data and we want it fast.

Our keyboard shortcuts already help support teams create events, edit schedules, and change views to their heart’s content. But today we’re announcing another shortcut — and it’s a powerful one.

We love our reports more than anyone, but when you’re switching back and forth between Agent Scorecards, Staffing Timeline, and the Realtime Dashboard all day long, we understand it’s less than ideal to spend all that time scrolling (boo) or clicking around between menus (no thanks).

Never fear — universal search is here! Now you’ll be able to navigate across Assembled faster than you can even say “Assembled.”

So what is this digital magical wand that will make you love your job even more? (cue fanfare) CMD/CTRL + K 

Simply type in this shortcut from any page in Assembled. You’ll see a pop-up search bar appear, and then it’s time to explore. Let’s break down all the new abilities this unlocks:

  • Search for any agent to navigate to their scorecard or schedule (any? any.).
  • Type in the name of a page to navigate there.
  • Apply and remove filters for channels, sites, or queues.
  • Use the up or down arrow keys to quickly sort through results.
  • Easily see search matches with text highlights (it’s the little things ).

By reducing the day-to-day friction for managers and admins, they can focus more on the work that’s meaningful, and get to great CX faster.

It’s time to stop the scroll.

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Published On: 27th Oct 2023 - Last modified: 30th Oct 2023
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