Bagpipes and Bots as Sabio Group Hosts Scottish Event

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In a historic first, Sabio Group ignited a spark of digital innovation in the heart of Scotland recently.

The inaugural Scottish edition of its expanding “Disrupt on the Road” series graced its new Glasgow Headquarters in the heart of the city, leaving a lasting impression on the landscape of customer experience (CX) technology.

The event drew an impressive array of representatives from leading organisations including Sky, DHL Express, Royal London, Newcastle Building Society, Ascensos and Cigna Health Care & Group Life.

Together, these thought leaders gathered to explore the frontier of CX technology, driving conversations and dissecting the latest trends with a keen, future-focused gaze.

Despite the Scottish summer sun (is that a thing?) deserting us, guests were welcomed with a sumptuous lunch, fuelling the tone for an engaging day filled with insightful workshops and thought leadership sessions.

The centrepiece topic of the event was the role of AI in the contact centre with a particular focus on customer interactions and how the technology will assist the contact centre advisors of the future.

Interestingly, the group also discussed the potential issues for organisations looking to adopt technologies – such as ChatGPT – particularly when dealing with vulnerable customers. A developing, and thought-provoking theme in our industry maybe?

The CX Landscape is Changing Daily

Sabio Group’s Chief Technology Officer, Rob Scutchings, kicked off proceedings with an in-depth ‘scene setter’ of the customer experience technology eco-system.

“It’s changing daily,” he proclaimed, painting a dynamic picture where large vendors that were previously traditional competitors were now collaborating with one another, making the CX landscape even more intricate for organisations.

“The importance of a specialist partner such as Sabio cannot be understated in this context,” he added. “We are the compass that guides our clients through this ever-changing maze, with the ultimate guiding light of removing friction from customer journeys.”

Rob also emphasised the necessity of a unified data model for successful AI projects. “To successfully drive customer experience improvements through the implementation of large language model (LLM), machine learning (ML) or GPT technology, we need a data model that is up to date, joined-up, reliable, and accurate,” he stressed.

It’s Not ‘If’ but ‘When’ You Should Engage with AI

Adding to the conversation, Tom Mullen, Sabio’s Chief Product Officer, hailed the tremendous progress of AI in recent years. “ChatGPT is now at the forefront of this evolution, amassing 100 million users in just two months,” he pointed out, indicating the profound impact of Generative AI technologies and its potential in the contact centre.

According to Tom, the question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ to engage with these technologies. But he cautioned: “For AI projects to succeed, they require an organisational vision that everyone from Operations, to Finance, to Senior Executives buys into, or else you run the risk of becoming a ‘Proof of Concept’ factory with a long list of projects that stall.”

Further enriching the conversation, Kevin McGachy, Sabio’s Head of Solutions, gave a comprehensive overview of current Generative AI use cases, including summarisation, agent assist, content creation, and coding.

“At present, organisations are not utilising the available data effectively to incorporate AI into their operations and improve the experiences they offer to their customers,” Kevin noted.

Marc Donald, Account Manager at ESP Group, was the intimate events keynote guest, and shared intriguing insights into ESP’s transition to the cloud and their own strides in the AI journey, offering an invaluable perspective to the AI dialogue.

Marc’s insights served as an inspirational testament to the power of digital transformation, offering a compelling narrative about leveraging technology to drive company growth and better serve customers.

A Celebration of Technology, AI and People

As the echoes of the day’s insightful conversations faded with well-earned refreshments on the roof terrace of Sabio’s Scottish HQ, it was clear ‘Disrupt on the Road Glasgow’ was more than just a meeting of minds; it symbolised a new chapter in Sabio Group’s mission to lead the way in digital transformation and CX innovation.

The event was a celebration of AI, technology and people, and a demonstration of Sabio’s commitment to exploring, understanding and sharing the best ways to leverage these tools for the benefit of its customers and their customers alike.

As Sabio continues to evolve and expand, our mission remains clear: to support and empower businesses in navigating the exciting and challenging landscape of digital transformation.

In doing so, Sabio is aiming to not only raise the bar when it comes to CX technology – but setting it.

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Published On: 6th Jul 2023
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