Calabrio Unveils New Workforce Engagement Management Suite

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Calabrio has unveiled the new Calabrio ONE workforce engagement management (WEM) suite at its first-ever virtual Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) conference.

The new Calabrio ONE is a cloud-based WEM platform designed to meet the performance, agility and engagement demands of the modern contact centre in the new era of work and customer experience.

The pandemic has shifted the world of work and elevated the importance of agility in the contact centre via employee empowerment tools, intelligent workflows and automation, and visibility into agent-customer interactions through data-driven insights.

With last year’s acquisition of Teleopti, Calabrio pledged to bring the two leading workforce management (WFM) offerings together under one unified WFM product.

Calabrio delivers on this promise with the new Calabrio WFM – with the best of both products at its core – resulting in a fully integrated WEM suite poised to help customers accelerate change.

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Matt Matsui

“Calabrio ONE is designed for the modern contact centre, and part of that is having the agility to meet the moment—whatever that moment may be,” said Matt Matsui, Calabrio’s chief product officer.

“Right now, it’s working from home and the impact of the pandemic. Tomorrow, it will be something else, and work from home will turn into work from anywhere; our agents will become free agents. But whatever the next challenge is, Calabrio’s goal is to provide a flexible platform that can quickly adapt to change.

“We’re proud that the new Calabrio ONE will help customers tackle their unique needs of the day and set them up for the future.”

As an agent-centric platform, Calabrio ONE empowers at-home or office-based agents with comprehensive self-service capabilities, including the ability to self-schedule, trade shifts, book time off and find overtime – all via a mobile app.

On top of that, intelligent automation in a new virtual concierge continuously seeks and offers up schedule opportunities for agents.

“The virtual concierge concept is really about having a virtual self-service assistant that is looking after every single agent’s schedule 24/7 – trying to identify ways to tweak and optimize that schedule based on agent skills,” adds Matt.

Calabrio’s virtual concierge also acts as a virtual coach that provides agents with personalized tips and statistics – like in which hours of the day they work best.

The new platform also unlocks insights for planning, performance and wider workforce engagement. Arming users with predictive analytics and powerful reporting lets them understand the “why” behind the “what” of operations to facilitate improvements to the agent and customer experience.

Connecting WFM to quality management and analytics within the suite helps further analyse flagged operational issues, identify root causes and drive meaningful changes to the enterprise.

Other key additions to the Calabrio ONE platform include:

  • An integrated meeting planner
  • Smart one-to-one virtual coaching
  • AI-infused predictive shrinkage
  • Customer experience intelligence solutions

“2020 has, of course, spawned many changes. One noticeable shift is that customers value different things and make different decisions accordingly,” said Jay Baer, customer experience and marketing expert.

“It’s more vital than ever that businesses are flexible and agile in every aspect of customer service—gleaning insights from remote agent-customer interactions to understand how buyer preferences and behaviours have changed and what the organization can do about it.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 28th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 3rd Nov 2020
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