CallMiner Launches a New Model for Operationalizing Speech Analytics

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CallMiner has announced the release of the CallMiner Continuum Maturity Model, a first-of-its-kind framework that helps organizations assess their use of engagement analytics internally and identify the necessary steps to maximize ROI and drive transformational enterprise value.

Continuum offers an objective perspective of each organization’s current maturity level and a guide to improve maturity across people, process and technology.

The model, which is based upon nearly two decades of operational expertise and experience, is conducted by CallMiner experts with key stakeholders from each organization’s speech and engagement analytics team.

The assessment identifies strengths and opportunities across an organization’s team, talent, data strategy, process, governance, and executive oversight.

Continuum enables businesses considering the deployment of interaction analytics, as well as those with existing interaction analytics investments, to evaluate:

  • Scope – Compare attributes proven to drive successful speech analytics results to available resources for deployment readiness, optimization of current interaction analytics, and innovation for next-level results.
  • Education – Articulate organizational attributes required for process modification and stakeholder participation to achieve success.
  • Achievement – Accelerate speech analytics results by leveraging proven success drivers, as well as identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls.

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“The most valuable speech and interaction analytics programmes are operationalized across the business and leverage customer insights to make smarter and more strategic business decisions,” said Adam Walton, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Customer Success at CallMiner.

“The Continuum Maturity Model is the first framework that identifies the critical steps to elevate a speech analytics programme to drive transformational business process improvement and bottom-line value.”

“The model provides a clear roadmap for users to improve over time and achieve near- and long-term results.”

Continuum is designed to enable organizations to increase the velocity to value they experience in their adoption of speech analytics, and achieve transformational results as their programme informs decisions, actions and improvements across all areas of their enterprise.

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Published On: 2nd Oct 2020 - Last modified: 6th Oct 2020
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