Case Study: OVO Energy Boosts Engagement

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For its Zero Carbon Living Advisors, OVO Energy selected Centrical to strengthen its award-winning workplace and facilitate a truly autonomous culture within customer care.

  • 9000 – Learning missions completed in first 30 days
  • 9500 – Individual achievement badge awards received in first 30 days
  • 723,000 – Points awarded in the first 30 days

“I don’t think it’s a nice to have. I think it’s a need, if I’m being honest. Centrical is our first kind of stand-out, this is really going to help our people to be better and to make their lives easier in the job that they do.” Sarah Ball, Head of OVO Care, OVO Energy

OVO Energy Drives Employee Engagement With Centrical

Learn why OVO Energy’s customer care team selected Centrical to support its business transformation, engage employees and teams, and strengthen its award-winning workplace.


Coaching Your Teams to Win

OVO Energy has adopted the Centrical platform to further improve the effectiveness of one-to-one and one-to-many coaching for real-time actionable insights in the moment of need, providing the same experience and impact across their hybrid workforce.

Driving Team Engagement

OVO Energy has a goal to strengthen its award-winning workplace and facilitate a truly autonomous culture within customer care.

Using personalized microlearning and collaboration tools within Centrical, it will also strengthen its learning culture by helping advisors identify and act on their unique learning and development opportunities.

“Every single person comes to work every day generally to do a good job, and I think what Centrical allows us to do is for those individuals to understand how they’re performing and make choices about how they can deliver better for our customers.

“There are lots of things that make a place a great place to work. Some of that is about transparency, self-directed learning, fun, and passion. And I think Centrical gets us that.” Alison Jaap, Customer Care Director, OVO Energy

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Centrical Centrical provides a real-time performance management, microlearning, gamification, coaching, and voice of the employee platform for frontline teams. The solution inspires and personally guides employee success and growth by making every moment actionable.

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Published On: 5th Jun 2023 - Last modified: 14th Jun 2023
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