Colours In A Call Center

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Colours In A Call Center

As I sit here watching the facilities manager paint the call center walls yet another shade of gray… I was wondering, does anyone know of any survey’s on colors for call centers? Is there a best practice document on the subject?


Question asked by Marianne


Most people seem to point at light, warm shades in a very broad sense. Light pastel colours are regarded as being good for sales centers. You might want to poll your fellow staff and see if there is a common preference. IMO Grey just seems a little oppressive.

The center I’m with has white painted interiors and although it is a pain to maintain looks pretty good and gives an airy atmosphere.

With thanks to Gautham

Colours Are Good…


The Contact Center I work in has white walls and I think it depends on the company and what level of casualness they are looking at. I have seen some CC’s with vibrant colours and it goes well with the ambience they want to create.


With thanks to Errol



We have painted the call centre white as it gives a bright, spacious and airy feel.

But, to break the monotony, we have painted the walls with graffiti boards, cartoons in bright vibrant colors. Of course, these are well spaced out to ensure it does not crowd the walls. Give the call centre a nice touch.

Most of the paintings, cartoons have been done by the team so it adds to their sense of ownership.

With thanks to Navin

Colour By Number

At a previous cc we went through a redecorating exercise, and allowed each section to choose a colour / shape combination for their area. The only caveat we had to use when allowing people to choose was NO BLACK otherwise you end up with the whole place looking like a 13 year old boys bedroom! If you have a bit of money to spend then why not a mural? This can again be “owned” by each section, perhaps using a motiff that they relate to themselves such as a cartoon.

The idea was to create a strengthened sense of identity and team unity. By creating unity within teams, the agents were self motivated towards competition between area, thereby driving up measured targets such as productivity and quality. How’s that for an unexpected bonus?!

With thanks to Dylan


The CEO hired a ‘professional decorator’ to choose the colors. Now tat the painting is completed: The primary colors are gray and white, with a couple walls blue and yellow. There are also purple doors. It looks a little better than it sounds, but I don’t think that Gray should play such a large part in the colors (the cubicles are also gray fabric).

Oh well, thanks for the input, maybe next time I can get to the CEO before he brings in professional help. 🙂

With thanks to Marianne

Colors In A Call Centre Environment

Although not really scientifically proven, most bright colors can spark a more cheerful environment inside a Call Centre – Whenever Customer Service Agents feel tired, swamped, confused, angry or just simply bored – the warmth of red and the bliss of yellow could probably provide some inspiration to change peoples moods.

With thanks to Roderick


When I used to work for ‘the world’s favourite airline’ we had a really hideous orange wall at the end of each sales area, because it was supposed to be a ‘selling colour’.

I must admit however that I don’t really notice the colour of my surroundings, let alone any significant influence. I’m fairly ‘blokey’ when it comes to colours and if it’s not a primary or secondary, it probably won’t register a distinction with me! I have to really concentrate to ‘decode’ obscure shade names, and couldn’t reliebly pick eg maroon, crimson and scarlet out of a line up (and it took me a good five minutes to come up with names of three shades of red!). I’d worked in my current office for six months, before I noticed that there were two different shades of purple on the walls, and that was only when my predecessor was telling me proudly about choosing the Amethyst Shower II and something else I forget colour scheme!

With thanks to Zoe


It depends on the ambience you want to create; the callcentre i’m working in at the moment has fantastic deep purple and lilac walls, and bright red desk pods, bright posters (co. specific of course!); it is a sales environment and it is simply buzzing; a definate change since the grey!

With thanks to Adelle


Many call centers are choosing bright colors I am not sure why? However our management explains that the reason they choose such bright colors in a white background is that they believe that these fresh colors can spark a more cheerful and lively environment inside a Call Centre.

It is always said that a call center job is monotonous and to get rid of this monotony, the ambience plays a very important role! We have tried to keep the environment nice and lively! As soon as you enter the floor area, you feel as if you are in Alices’ Wonderland! To add to it we have high ceilings, which gives an spaciaous and airy feel!

With thanks to Kunal


In my current center we use a pale yellow and dark blue. It is realxing enough and sometimes you forget about the hard day you are having.

Other centers I have worked in used Bright reds, purple and greens to stimulate the employees and keep them going.

With thanks to Jason


The color combination in any place is related to the vibartion,mostly people think its related to making a place look bright,certain color gives you good vibration and u feel relaxed so you got to choose carefully.This is more like the chinese therapy of color.



With thanks to joe

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