Consistency Key to Customer Experience

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There are 3 key ways to create a consistent customer experience, according to Netcall.

1. Simplify customer interactions with a unified queue

The combination of different stand-alone technology applications can add complexity, cost and risk of failure.

However, an integrated contact management solution can help agents to handle queries consistently and manage peak demand across all channels.

Rather than prolonging interactions by asking customers the same questions again and again, integrated technology recognises changing customer contact channels, provides timely information and creates one-to-one touchpoints with agents – wherever they might be located.

Using a unified queue that automatically prioritises calls and integrates new channels such as webchat and social media within the contact centre can also put agents in a stronger position to achieve positive outcomes.

Skills-based algorithms that route the interaction to the most appropriately skilled agent (e.g. those agents who are more competent at speaking rather than writing) ensure that customers have the best possible experience.

2. Make sure appropriate information is presented to agents

Ensure appropriate information in the CRM system is presented to agents. To provide a consistent service, agents will need to see all recent interactions from all channels, as well as any transactional history.

Ideally, the interaction can be classified in such a way that agents can easily follow a pre-defined process. In other words, the agent is prompted to ask all the relevant questions without the customer having to repeat information already on the system.

New data should only be entered once. The software should then automatically populate all the associated databases and internal systems. As a consequence, interactions will be resolved first time – an experience that can help to delight customers and increase agent productivity.

3. Develop a flexible pool of multi-skilled agents

To use technology to its best effect, develop a flexible pool of multi-skilled agents. Also schedule their work with a workforce management tool that uses historic data to predict peaks in traffic.

Successful organisations create a holistic engagement by harnessing the natural aptitude of their agents and empowering them to consistently deliver the right outcomes for every customer.

Contact centres should strive to balance a healthy paranoia about regulatory and standards compliance with agent performance growth, enabling them to be the best that they can be.

Consistency depends on teams getting it right each time. Without a comprehensive performance framework combined with suitable task-appropriate training and development, it is easy for poor habits to remain.

Consider developing competency matrixes for each agent position, which explicitly provide agents with expectations. Support agent learning and compliance by providing best practice guides that clearly characterise desired behaviours for each specialist skill and competency, whatever the channel they are focusing on.

Also identify any high-risk actions that might need immediate coaching. If these occur, provide coaching and support at the next available opportunity, allowing agents to get it right!

For more information about Netcall, visit their website.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 22nd Apr 2015 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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