Personalizing the Customer Journey via Digital Channels

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Most customer-facing interfaces make it the end user’s job to figure out how to navigate and find their way to where they need to be. This is true of websites and mobile apps as much as it of touchtone IVRs.

The interface is usually designed for the most generic of uses, and because making changes is expensive and time consuming, these interfaces tend to be inflexible with regard to evolving times, use cases or user needs.

AI can help create visual user interfaces that are adaptable and personalized. Advances in Conversational AI make it possible to interact with the user in natural language. An even more powerful technique enables AI to manipulate the visual aspects of the user interface as well.

Imagine interacting via digital channels with what seems like a just-in-time mobile app or website, created just for you – the user – and optimized for exactly the problem you are trying to address at this moment on the digital channel you prefer. A Conversational UI, as it were.

Deploying Conversational UIs can dramatically improve rates of self-service, reduce call volumes and greatly simplify the customer experience. Further, integrating a Conversational UI into a natural language IVR and providing a seamless experience across digital channels can enable intuitive and personalized experiences that are truly delightful. And in an era where customer loyalty is closely correlated with the quality of experience, that is a game changer for the business as well.

Koopid have recently integrated Koopid’s Conversational UIs, via webchat, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger into Avaya’s Agent Desktop and Avaya Workspaces, enabling clients to personalize the customer journey for their customers.

To demonstrate the efficiencies of this partnership, Koopid have produced a number of brief videos that allow customers and sales channels to view the ‘art of the possible’ within this exciting and rapidly expanding technology.

Koopid – Conversational Engagement Simplified

WhatsApp –

Facebook –

Chat –

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 5th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 6th Oct 2020
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