Most Contact Centres Do Not Measure Emotion in Their Metrics


According to our poll, 56% of contact centres do not measure emotion in their metrics, despite recent findings suggesting that emotion has a greater impact on customer loyalty than effort or success.

Of the 41% of contact centres that do, most do so indirectly (e.g. through surveys), rather than directly (e.g. through interaction analytics).

Poll – “Do you measure Customer Emotions in your Metrics? ” – answers

Yes – Directly: 6%
Yes – Indirectly (e.g. comments box on Surveys): 35%
No: 56%
Not Sure: 3%

Source: Call Centre Helper Webinar: 7 Ways to Drive up Your Quality Scores     Sample size – 134     Date: May 2017

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 16th Jun 2017 - Last modified: 25th Oct 2021
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