Articles about Polls

A collection of poll results from reader surveys, webinar polls and represent the opinions of Call Centre Helper readers.

Full-Time Workers Are Not the Most Productive
Contact Centre or Call Centre? Which do you prefer?
81% of People Prefer Contact Centre to Call Centre
An image of a clock and a calendar representing shift patterns
Contact Centre Shift Patterns: The Latest Findings
Most Important Measure of Success
Customer Satisfaction Now the Most Important Measure of Success
How many applications do your agents use to help a customer
51% Use 3-4 Applications to Help a Customer
2021 CCH Survey Results Knowledge Base Challenges
Survey Results: Knowledge Base Challenges
Two people jumping with a chess board representing important skills
Survey Results: The Most Important Customer Service Skills
Contact Centres Aren’t Adapting Self-Service Systems After Installation
Over a Quarter of Customer Contacts are Low Quality
Contact Centres Prioritise Quality and Performance Speech Analytics
More Than Half of Contact Centres Are Looking to Deploy Speech Analytics
Most Contact Centres Do Not Measure Emotion in Their Metrics
Most Contact Centres Use Platform Stats to Measure Agent Performance
Nearly Three Fifths of Contact Centres Incentivise “Going the Extra Mile”
A graph demonstrating "Which performance management tools do you use?" with 80%- spreadsheets, 75%-Call Recordings 22%- WFM Software, 13%- Agent Evaluation Software, 4% Speech Analytics
Just 4% of Contact Centres Are Using Speech Analytics
Most Contact Centres Still Don’t Measure Customer Emotion in Their Metrics
20% of Contact Centres Update Their Customer Journey Maps Monthly
Just 60% of Organisations Are Considered to be Good at Building Rapport
The Majority of Contact Centres Now Have a VoC Program
More Than Half of Contact Centres Send ‘No-Reply’ Emails to Customers
Less Than Half of Contact Centres Measure First Contact Resolution
Only 2% of Advisors Have Great Levels of Rapport and Empathy
47% of Contact Centres use Average Handling Time (AHT) to Target Agents
Graph answering the question "In your contact centre, which age group are the easiest to motivate?" with the answers of 36%- 16 to 24 yrs, 40%- 25 to 34 years, 17%- 35 to 44yrs, 7%- 45yrs plus.
25–34 Year Olds are The Easiest Advisors to Motivate