Recorded Webinar: 30 NEW Contact Centre Tips

In this webinar, our speakers shared a range of quick-fire tips, some of which you can implement in your contact centre within a week.

This Webinar formed part of our “Webinar Week”.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce – Call Centre Helper
  • Ian Morton – Budd

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  • Mike Murphy – Interactive Intelligence

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Topics discussed

  • Quick wins
  • Tips for Improving customer service
  • Tips for Improving morale in the contact centre
  • Tips for Reducing call handling time
  • Web chat
  • Improving sales
  • Driving up customer satisfaction
  • Clever use of technology
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Spot prize winners:

“If it’s not regulatory compliance, throw the scripts away and let your agents listen to the customers’ needs and find the answers”.  Congratulations to Dan6

“Get the CEO to go back to the floor”! Congratulations to Peter13

“Speak to customers as people not as an automated process or scripted robots. People respond to people”! Congratulations to Christopher4

“Sit your website optimisers in the contact centre and get them to respond in real time to what agents observe customers are struggling with”. Peter13

“Know your customers – make it as personal as it can get, know who is calling, maybe even what time they are calling, know personal details about customers (facebook / linkedin) etc”. Congratulations to Hugh2

“Don’t have team leaders/supervisors take escalated calls/emails. It reduces the time they can coach and manage their team. Establish a separate escalation group”.  Congratulations to Michael15

“Collect recordings and emails of great and not great customer sessions and use them in new-hire training”. Congratulations to Michael15

“When improving your IVR, run many ‘test & learn” experiments with vocab, order, sequence, etc.
Small differences make major changes in completing rates”. Congratulations to Peter13

“Seat so-so agents next to very good agents so they can learn by observing/listening”. Congratulations to Michael15

“Have a social committee which are responsible for all fun things, for example pulling a country out of the hat for the Eurovision song contest… winner gets small prize. This can be done for many events”. Congratulations to Steve3

“An in house “TALENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME” allows advisors a chance to progress, work towards a goal, also works hand in hand with morale and also confidence which in turn rubs off on performance and attitude”. Congratulations to Christopher4


Original Webinar date: May 2015

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