Recorded Webinar: Best Practices in Performance and Quality Management

In this webinar we will be sharing the results from best practice workshops conducted as part of the P&Q challenge.

Topics Discussed

  • Latest research on Performance and Quality Monitoring
  • What should a future performance management system look like?
  • Best practices in Quality Measurement
  • Getting agents bought into Quality
  • Best ways to score agents
  • Building customer feedback into the process
  • Self-management and peer review
  • Helping team leaders to provide coaching
  • Building a highly transparent and calibrated process
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Interactive questions and answers


Martin Hill-Wilson- Headshot
Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Extra
Jonathan Wax- Headshot
Jonathan Wax
Simon Thatcher- Headshot
Simon Thatcher
Echo Managed Services
Jonty Pearce- Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

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