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Recorded Webinar: Best Practices in Workforce Management

In this webinar, we shared best practices in forecasting scheduling and resource planning.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Penny Reynolds – The Call Center School

Click here to view the slides

  • Chris Dealy – injixo

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  • Dean Couchman – injixo

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Please find below the Replay’s as mentioned in the Webinar –

Improving Forecast Accuracy – Click here to view the replay

Scheduling Masterclass – Click here to view the replay

Topics discussed

  • The latest trends in workforce management
  • The latest thinking on forecasting methods
  • Improving forecast accuracy
  • Forecasting with email and webchat
  • Getting employee buy-in to the planning process
  • Multi-skilling employees
  • The best schedules to use
  • Shift swaps and dealing with holiday requests
  • Using spreadsheets to forecast staffing
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip –  “Split out different channels with different call drivers so the fluctuations can be seen and not hidden, don’t group all call types into one calculation”. Congratulations to Emma8


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