64% of Customers Don’t Want AI – New Gartner Report Finds

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A recent survey by Gartner found that 64% of customers prefer companies not to use artificial intelligence in their customer service.

Additionally, 53% of customers would consider switching to a competitor if they discovered a company planned to implement AI for customer service.

The survey, conducted in December 2023 with 5,728 respondents, highlighted a discrepancy between customer service leaders’ eagerness to adopt AI and customer apprehension about its use.

Keith McIntosh, Senior Principal, Research, at Gartner, noted that “60% of customer service and support leaders are under pressure to adopt AI in their function, But they can’t ignore concerns about AI use, especially when it could mean losing customers.”

The survey noted that the primary concern among consumers regarding AI in customer service is the increased difficulty in reaching a human representative. Other concerns include job displacement and AI providing incorrect answers.

Gartner survey graph showing AI perception in customer service.

“Once customers exhaust self-service options, they’re ready to reach out to a person,” said McIntosh. “Many customers fear that GenAI will simply become another obstacle between them and an agent. The onus is on service and support leaders to show customers that AI can streamline the service experience.

“Service organizations must build customers’ trust in AI by ensuring their GenAI capabilities follow the best practices of service journey design, and customers must know the AI-infused journey will deliver better solutions and seamless guidance, including connecting them to a person when necessary.”

Author: Hannah Swankie
Reviewed by: Xander Freeman

Published On: 10th Jul 2024 - Last modified: 16th Jul 2024
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