Genesys Announces Simplified Automated Task Management Solution

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Genesys has announced a new easy-to-use task management solution to automate workflows between contact center employees and other departments for seamless end-to-end customer experiences.

With the Work Automation and Task Routing solution now available for the Genesys Cloud CX platform, organizations can bridge the gap between the front and back office to more effectively solve customer-related tasks and post interaction follow-ups.

By helping employees become more connected, the new solution enables tasks to move efficiently across teams and departments for better customer outcomes.

Many agent-led customer service interactions trigger a follow-up action with another department, such as progressing a loan application, a service request or submitting a fraud claim.

Yet, for many organizations, siloed departments and technology, manual workarounds, and the inability to track or trace the status of tasks make it difficult to process work items efficiently and programmatically.

This often results in missed deadlines, work backlogs and frustrated customers. Additionally, a lack of visibility into back-office tasks can make it difficult for managers to accurately forecast and schedule employees based on workload and customer needs.

Building upon its rich expertise in Intelligent Workload Distribution, they introduced the new cloud-native solution embedded in Genesys Cloud CX, offering organizations intelligent routing, reporting and process automation. It also enables them to manage any work type both in the contact center and externally.

Now with Work Automation and Task Routing, Genesys Cloud CX helps organizations:

Create customizable workflows for more seamless task routing: Use the easy drag-and-drop capability to create endless possibilities for employee assisted or fully automated workflows, helping to eliminate the guesswork for agents to resolve customer requests.

Have real-time visibility into every customer activity and any work type: The ability to accurately measure task completion time, status and employee performance results in better resource management and staffing to ensure teams meet customers’ needs on schedule.

Manage shifting priorities: Real-time visibility into fluctuating business priorities empowers team leaders to define tasks based on service-level agreements, and immediately reprioritize work to ensure no customers tasks are missed.

Get a single centralized task view of all back-office work: By integrating all back-end system tasks into a single view, organizations can view statuses and make more informed decisions based on real-time data, streamlining customer support and improving satisfaction.

“In this business environment, many organizations’ operations are strained with rising customer demand and expectations while managing through an economic period dictating they do more with less,” said Mary Wardley, program VP, customer care and CRM at IDC.

“The new Genesys Cloud CX solution has the potential to give organizations a practical way to simplify and automate customer tasks across the enterprise, helping them improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Ultimately, it’s the customers who win with a stronger overall experience, as well as employees who gain a tool to help them prioritize, offload tedious tasks and improve their ability to coordinate across teams.”

“Organizations no longer have to rely on an admin manager’s ‘best guess’ to prioritize and assign tasks,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer at Genesys.

“With Work Automation and Task Routing for Genesys Cloud CX, organizations now have an efficient and reliable solution to orchestrate a high volume of work requests, helping them fulfill service-level agreements and keep their customer promises.”

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Published On: 28th Jun 2023 - Last modified: 18th Jun 2024
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