Graphisoft Project With Sabio Group Leads to Award Success

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Graphisoft has been recognised for its transition from a perpetual business model to a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

In a project with Sabio Group, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation services specialist, the Hungarian firm was awarded a ‘Project Falcon’ Innovation Award for its transition path to a subscription business model.

The project with Sabio is a multi-year journey of business transformation and investment which is designed to create a subscription-optimised IT landscape, ensuring scalability and efficiency.

Graphisoft – a subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group – is working with Sabio’s specialist Salesforce Practice through multiple phases of its transformation, which commenced with the development of a global webstore using Salesforce Commerce Cloud rolled out to more than 200 countries.

The goal is an extensive revamp of Graphisoft’s web-to-cash process, creating a seamless customer experience in line with its new SaaS model through an easy and flexible B2C e-commerce platform.

Stuart Dorman, Sabio’s Chief Innovation Officer, said: “I am delighted to celebrate this partnership and also the success of the project. 

“We wanted to present this award to recognise how Graphisoft is shaping the future of architecture, engineering and construction and for really re-thinking the way in which they engaged with their customers.  

“They are leading the way in which they utilise software, data and insights which sets new standards on how to engage with customers.” 

“We are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with Graphisoft. Our role is to ensure that they have all the necessary tools to facilitate a smooth transition to SaaS,” said Danny Seaborne, Sabio’s Managing Director for the UK and South Africa.

“Our team will provide essential Salesforce solutions consultancy and implementation expertise, including Sales Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Systems Integrations, B2B, and Commerce Cloud, to guarantee a streamlined digital overhaul.” 

Graphisoft is evolving its internal systems to support its fundamental shift in business model from perpetual to SaaS. This partnership with Sabio aims to fill this gap and carry out an extensive global digital transformation.

The collaboration presents a promising future for both companies and sets a precedent for other businesses looking to transition towards a SaaS model using Salesforce solutions.

Louise Ofverstrom, Chief Financial Officer at Nemetschek Group, said: “My warmest congratulations to the whole team, including the team from Sabio, for this award.  

“This project has been steered through the strong conviction and determination by Attila, Nora and the rest of the team. They have really made it a success and it is extremely important for our transformation; it is the baseline that will really help our business success.

“We are looking forward to taking this project further in collaboration with Sabio and continuing with a strong digital platform that will contribute to that success.” 

Attila Urmossy, VP Information Success at Graphisoft, said: “This is the result of a real team effort with almost 200 collectively at Graphisoft working on making this project a success alongside Sabio’s experts.” 

The Sabio Salesforce Practice is a multi-award-winning consulting business with more than 25 years’ experience across 1900+ Salesforce-related projects. It is the longest-standing and most certified Salesforce consultancy in the UK, with its experts holding over 600 certifications across the platform.

The wider Sabio Group delivers solutions and services that combine digital and human interactions to support CX. Through its own technology and that of world-class technology leaders such as Avaya, Amazon, Genesys, Verint, Twilio, Microsoft, Salesforce and Google, Sabio helps organisations optimise customer journeys by making better decisions across their multiple contact channels.

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Sabio Sabio Group is a global digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist with major operations in the UK (England and Scotland), Spain, France, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and India. Through its own technology, and that of world-class technology leaders such as Amazon Connect, Avaya, Genesys, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Twilio and Verint, Sabio helps organisations optimise their customer journeys by making better decisions across their multiple contact channels.

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Author: Sabio

Published On: 30th Apr 2024
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