Case Study: ENGIE Completes Digital Transformation

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The French company now benefits from a seamless customer experience, thanks to the rapid deployment of Genesys Cloud, in partnership with Sabio’s teams.


ENGIE is a world leader in low-carbon energy and services. With 96,000 employees in 31 countries, its customers, partners and stakeholders are committed every day to accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral world through more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Guided By Its Raison D’être:ENGIE’s raison d’être is to act to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, thanks to more energy-efficient solutions and being more respectful of the environment.

This raison d’être brings together the company, its employees, its customers and its shareholders, and reconciles economic performance and environmental protection with a positive impact on people and the planet. ENGIE’s actions must be seen as a whole and over the long term.”

ENGIE reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet by drawing on its business lines (gas, renewable energies, services) to offer competitive solutions to its customers.

The Challenge

ENGIE launched an invitation to tender for its contact centre solution in order to benefit from an innovative cloud product, which also had to be deployed within 12 months.

With 4,600 agents and 2,200 simultaneous connections managing 150 million voice minutes a year, this was a major challenge for the migration to the cloud.

  • 4,600 agents
  • 2,200 simultaneous connections
  • 150m voice minutes a year

The Solution

Sabio provides centralised management of voice flows dedicated to ENGIE in its own DataCentre – with all call flows to Genesys Cloud being migrated at a staggered rate to minimise disruption.

Sabio’s solution has also enabled the implementation of a complex voice infrastructure comprising more than 2,000 SIP channels.

Finally, for a complete 360° customer view, Genesys Cloud was also integrated with ENGIE’s Salesforce and SAP systems.

Sabio experts created additional APIs to achieve deeper integration with custom applications for dashboards, reporting and transaction recording, all visible from Genesys Cloud.

The Results

ENGIE has transformed customer journeys to include automation and self-service via an inbound IVR.

Sabio’s solution has dramatically improved the customer and employee experience by integrating all the necessary data and applications to provide a single, seamless agent interface.

Sabio’s unrivalled expertise was able to meet all of ENGIE’s complex requirements and exceed expectations, enabling ENGIE to not only benefit from migration to the cloud via Genesys Cloud, but also to maximise value by taking full advantage of existing investments.

The Challenge

ENGIE launched an invitation to tender for its contact centre solution in order to benefit from an innovative cloud product, which also had to be deployed within 12 months.

On the advise of Sabio, and given Sabio’s nearly three decades of expertise with Genesys, ENGIE chose to implement Genesys Cloud.

However, the nature of ENGIE’s operations created specific challenges that complicated the migration process. Firstly, the company’s customer contact channels were heavily voice-focused, with a relatively low volume of interactions across digital channels.

This unique configuration required complex load balancing to ensure seamless call distribution.

In addition, the old solution did not provide real-time agent availability for ENGIE’s sub contractor solutions.

There was a lack of visibility that could affect SLAs and the customer experience. The sheer scale of the project added another level of complexity.

With four ENGIE entities involved in the migration, the need for clear and effective communication, coordinated project management and consensus building was paramount.

In addition, the tight 12-month deadline added significant pressure to the task, leaving no room for error or delay.

The migration was not just a technical change, but represented a strategic change that would inevitably have an impact on various aspects of ENGIE’s operations.

Meeting these challenges required careful planning, rigorous project management and the cooperation of stakeholders across all ENGIE brands.

In addition, it required a shift in operational culture from predominantly voice-based interactions to a more integrated, digital-focused approach to improve customer and employee experience.

The Solution

As a long-standing player in the digital customer experience space, Sabio Group was perfectly positioned to help ENGIE migrate to a Genesys Cloud contact centre, a process that was completed in just ten months, two months ahead of schedule.

Sabio’s experience and innovation in Genesys Cloud, spanning nearly three decades, ensured that the process of migration is running smoothly, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

One of the key steps in the migration was the implementation of a high-availability centralisation of ENGIE’s dedicated voice access in Sabio’s DataCentre.

This strategic decision enabled all call flows to be migrated to Genesys Cloud at a staggered pace, ensuring minimal disruption to ENGIE’s day-to-day operations.

The benefits were manifold: ENGIE was able to maintain its service levels throughout the migration, which is essential in an industry where customer service can have a significant impact on the overall success of the business.

In addition, hosting in Sabio’s DataCentres is based on a robust, secure and high-performance infrastructure, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the Genesys Cloud solution.

As well as this, Sabio has implemented a complex voice infrastructure comprising more than 2,000 SIP channels.

This infrastructure forms the backbone of ENGIE’s telecommunications and gives it control over the entire network.

Thanks to the new SIP trunking system, ENGIE can now adapt its communications to demand, enabling it to respond quickly to variations in call volume.

In order to obtain a global view of the customer, the Sabio Group seamlessly integrated Genesys Cloud with ENGIE’s CRM and ERP systems (Salesforce and SAP).

This integration eliminated data silos and brought all customer interactions, transactional data and support services together in one unified platform.

The integration has given ENGIE a 360-degree view of its customers, helping to personalise customer interactions, improve turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction.

For further customisation, Sabio experts created additional APIs to integrate custom applications for dashboards, reports and registration agreements into the Genesys Cloud Platform, giving ENGIE granular control and visibility over its operations.

Dashboards provide operational information and custom reports track performance against business objectives. Registration agreements add an extra layer of compliance and quality control to ENGIE’s customer interactions.

The fact that all these functionalities are accessible from Genesys Cloud makes the platform a single solution for managing ENGIE’s customer interactions.

“One of the main challenges of the project was the tight deadline. Sabio’s proven migration methodology and Genesys Cloud product expertise enabled a successful migration ahead of schedule.

This underlines the effectiveness of their approach. Sabio’s solution was underpinned by expert consultancy services, which provided essential advice and support to our team throughout the migration process and beyond.

Sabio’s team of consultants played a crucial role in understanding ENGIE’s unique needs and delivering solutions tailored to our requirements.

The integration between Genesys and Salesforce technologies demonstrated Sabio’s ability to leverage the best technologies to deliver complete solutions.” Jérôme Vaure, Head of Centres of Excellence at ENGIE

The Results

The partnership between Sabio and ENGIE has resulted in a flexible, scalable and integrated customer contact solution that not only meets ENGIE’s current needs, but is also future-proof.

It enables ENGIE to operate more efficiently, deliver superior customer service and make data-driven decisions, while achieving significant cost savings.

This case demonstrates Sabio’s ability to understand the complex requirements of a large organisation like ENGIE and deliver a highly effective bespoke solution under difficult conditions and tight deadlines.

ENGIE’s transformation journey has reshaped its customer experience and dramatically optimised its service operations.

The results of this project highlight the power of automation, integration and data-driven management to refine the customer and employee journey.

They are now a benchmark for the ENGIE Group, demonstrating the new capabilities of the solution and the value of Sabio’s implementation assistance expertise.

One of the cornerstones of this project was the introduction of automation and self-service activities via a voice response system.

This system has improved customer accessibility by enabling ENGIE to resolve simple issues and questions quickly and efficiently without the intervention of an agent.

The resulting reduction in the number of calls has enabled agents to to concentrate on more complex problems requiring human intervention.

Not only has the system improved customer satisfaction thanks to a faster, more efficient service, it has also increased agents’ job satisfaction, by creating a more empowering and less stressful working environment.

The integration of all necessary data and applications into a single, seamless interface has further enhanced the agent experience.

By giving agents a 360-degree view of customer interactions and data at their fingertips, Sabio eliminated tedious manual tasks and reduced the risk of errors.

Agents were able to provide a more personalised, informed and efficient service, which has significantly improved the quality of customer interactions.

From a business perspective, this level of integration translates into streamlined operations, improved service metrics and, ultimately, greater customer loyalty.

The results of the project exceeded all of ENGIE’s expectations and requirements, resulting in several substantial returns on investment.

By optimising the allocation of staff, it has led to a more efficient use of resources, enabling ENGIE to make significant savings without having to make any additional investments or compromise service quality.

The project has also significantly reduced the number of abandoned calls. By reducing the number of customers who hang up because they wait too long or can’t reach an agent, ENGIE has been able to ensure a higher level of service accessibility and customer satisfaction.

This is crucial in a service-based industry, where every call is an opportunity to win or lose a customer.

The completion of the migration in 10 months, two months ahead of schedule, further underlined the efficiency of Sabio’s execution.

The rapid completion of the project not only enabled ENGIE to enjoy the benefits of the new system sooner, but also ensured a smooth transition, with no disruption to the company’s operations.

The success of the project was recognised by Genesys, which awarded the Sabio group the “Best Deal of the Year” prize in Europe at its Partner Awards.

This award not only confirmed the project’s achievements, but has also consolidated Sabio’s position in Europe as an expert in experience technology, an innovative and competent digital customer experience leader, and as a true Genesys Cloud specialist.

The collaboration between Sabio and ENGIE has been effective and transformative, with digital innovation improving the customer experience.

The results reflect a powerful combination of customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and return on investment, underlining Sabio’s ability to deliver end to-end customer experience solutions through its own intellectual property and that of its partners, which brings tangible commercial benefits.

This project has consolidated Sabio’s position as a true Genesys Cloud expert in Europe – where it holds Genesys Gold Partner status – and particularly in France, where it was the first supplier to specialise in Genesys Cloud integration and implementation projects.

Sabio’s Genesys expertise now extends to a growing group of technology and consultancy specialists – and not just for Genesys tech, but for other specialist CX providers such as Avaya, Twilio, Verint, Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Microsoft.

However, the project with ENGIE is a shining example of the transformative power of smart technologies and strategic partnerships to shape the future of customer service.

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