Local CLI Numbers Shown to Increase Engagement

Martyn King explains why displaying a local telephone number can quickly increase potential customers’ willingness to answer calls.

Running a successful marketing campaign means taking advantage of several factors, from the timing of the contact to the tone of voice you use in the message. While the majority of these relate to the message in the call, the very first thing a person will see is your number, or lack thereof, displayed on their device.

Many call recipients still experience companies masking their Caller Line Identification (CLI) number when they receive a call. These calls will result in the traditional “number withheld”, or in some cases, “anonymous” CLI, which any mobile phone user will be familiar with. This unknown caller identifier is less than ideal as it can lead to an air of distrust with your target audience, many of whom would refuse to answer the call.

Almost as bad is using an 08 number which ends up being expensive for your potential customer to call back on, especially from a mobile. So, even before you start speaking to your potential customer, your CLI could be working against you.

A service like Dial Sure will automatically show a number that is local to the area in which you are calling; if, for example, you call a member of the public based in Manchester, it will display an 0161 number.

The main benefit of presenting a local number is that a customer is more likely to engage with it. A study showed that out of 2,000 people, around 71% stated they were unlikely to, or would not, accept a call from a withheld number. 66% said they would act the same way for 08 numbers. 75% said they were likely to, or would, accept a call when a local number is displayed.

Customers benefit from the low cost of calling a local number

As well as accepting calls, customers can use the number to call the company back. This can then be routed, depending on requirements, to where it will best be serviced. So, if your company is split into departments which deal with different regions, the localised number could easily ensure the call gets to the right department first time.

Alternatively, the call could be directed to an interactive voice response (IVR), to a hunt group, or whichever inbound solution you prefer. An added benefit is that a customer’s call to a local number would be priced as a local call and not a more expensive national one. It’s not just marketers that can enjoy the benefits of presenting a different number.

Government initiatives or branches can all call from a central location while being presented as local. The increase in engagement from local calls has been measured at around 15%.

Unlike withheld numbers, local rate numbers can be traced as required. This can be essential when details of a call are required for any follow-up action. Having a traceable number also means that compliance with ICO or Ofcom regulations can be even easier.

In summary, by displaying a local CLI you are providing a better service for your customer, the regulatory bodies and for your own company.

With thanks to Martyn King at Nexbridge

Published On: 17th Feb 2016 - Last modified: 30th Oct 2017
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