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MaxContact is proud to be named as a leading vendor of speech analytics as part of our customer engagement platform in Gartner‘s Market Guide for Speech Analytics Platforms.

This guide details key features of speech analytics platforms and trends in this market to help customer service and support leaders assess products for purchase and application.

Ben Booth, CEO of MaxContact, says “MaxContact’s recognition as a leading vendor of speech analytics in Gartner’s Market Guide is a testament to our commitment to transforming customer engagement.

We are proud to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers contact centre leaders with market-leading features and insights.”

What Does Speech Analytics Do?

Speech analytics automates the process of listening to contact centre interactions by analysing speech data for valuable information about agent performance and customer emotion.

It does so in a number of ways. Most obviously, speech analytics identifies meaningful words and phrases that have positive and negative connotations.

It can then determine the emotional character of a passage of speech (for example, is the speaker happy or displeased?), based on both the words spoken and speech characteristics like intonation, pitch, articulation, speech rate and so on.

It can also identify productivity metrics during a call, based on factors like hold times and silences. These elements combine to produce an accurate summary of one customer interaction.

But automated speech analytics can repeat the process for every customer interaction. By sifting this huge volume of data, modern speech analytics can produce the kind of insight that drives real, data driven CX improvements.

An Introduction to MaxContact

MaxContact is a customer engagement software platform that drives impact, conversions, and smarter customer experiences. We believe that with the combination of the right people and powerful technology, we can make a difference.

That’s why, every day, we’re committed to improving the lives of those that interact through our engagement platform.

Our founders worked together for over ten years at a contact centre solution reseller. They saw organisations become increasingly frustrated with providers that over-promised and under-delivered on features, support, and resilience.

Determined to enhance the employee and customer experience, MaxContact was formed. Since then, the business has become one of the fastest-growing contact centre specialists in the UK.

From inbound and outbound to blended and omnichannel, our intuitive software makes customer engagement effortless. Our highly customisable and scalable solution is perfect for businesses with complex requirements and can easily scale as your business grows.

For more information about MaxContact - visit the MaxContact Website

About MaxContact

MaxContact MaxContact is customer engagement software that goes above and beyond to build smarter customer experiences. Our platform is packed with powerful features, accessible for businesses large and small, and ensures organisations can operate compliantly.

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Published On: 30th May 2023 - Last modified: 22nd Dec 2023
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