NICE Named a Leader in Journey Orchestration

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NICE has announced that it has been acknowledged as a Leader by Forrester Research in “The Forrester Wave: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020” report.

Uniquely among the vendors evaluated, NICE received the highest possible scores in the Data Fusion category, highlighting the ability of its Customer Engagement Analytics (CEA) solution in helping organizations to efficiently connect disparate datasets.

NICE also received the highest possible scores in the Planned Enhancements, User Research and Market Presence categories, and amongst the top scores in the Journey Discovery criteria.

In the report, Forrester Research noted: “NICE uses analytics and AI to drive CX, digital, and workforce (agent) transformation.”

“The platform combines structured data (interactive voice response [IVR], CRM, customer profile data, and VoC) and unstructured data (agent notes, text, and voice) at the journey, topic, word, sentiment, and personality level to optimize CX.”

“The vendor has integrated offerings for IVR optimization, digital containment, interaction analytics, customer journey optimization, and real-time personalization.”

“Use cases include sales effectiveness, churn, retention, and cost management.”

The report also noted: “The platform is a good fit for companies looking to transform customer and agent journeys and analyze unstructured data.”

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Barry Cooper, NICE Enterprise Group President, said: “As organizations go through unprecedented change in the pace and method by which they interact with customers, it is vital that they remain agile and leverage the power of analytics to optimize both the end customer’s experience and the cost to deliver it.”

“We believe this report reflects the view of our customers and testifies to the direct connection between our AI-powered Customer Engagement Analytics solutions and improved customer journeys, experiences and loyalty.”

NICE Customer Engagement Analytics enables organizations to capture and analyse all customer interactions, transactions and lifecycle events to get a complete view of the customer journey.

Powered by state-of-the-art Big Data technology, it identifies individual customers and sequences their interactions across time and touchpoints to understand the context of every contact, uncover patterns, predict needs and personalize interactions in real time.

An important component of NICE’s suite of analytics solutions recognized in the report is the Journey Excellence Score, a pioneering metric designed to precisely measure the quality of customer experience across multiple channels and interactions over time.

As the report notes: “The platform uses AI to calculate a single metric or Journey Excellence Score (JES) to measure CX quality, combining disparate data points such as survey results, complaints, individual interaction sentiment, and behavioral data such as journey duration, the channels used, and complexity scores.”

JES uniquely offers a consistent method of gauging the quality of customer experience, thus enabling organizations to easily and quickly identify gaps and bottlenecks in customers’ journeys.

With JES, organizations are empowered to shape future journeys via the insights captured and predict potential outcomes.

To access a complimentary copy of the report, click here.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 23rd Jun 2020
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