Non Critical Error Calculation

Non Critical errors

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Non Critical Error Calculation

COPC formula for non critical scoring is :

1-sum of non critical errors/#of calls monitored*# of questions asked in the form

My issue is that my soft skills section has 15 questions hence, using this formula gives a wrong indication as in : the multiplication by 15 will give me a big denominator so, the more errors I score down, the better accuracy I get!!!

I want to know the best practice on this piece, given that my system doesn’t support a numerical scoring

Question asked by Omar

Number of Calls Monitored

# of calls monitored = Number of calls monitored

You do not divide by 15 (the number of questions) but by the number of calls monitored.

So if you monitored 100 calls and there were 2 non critical errors. The scoring would be 2/ 100 = 2%

With thanks to Jonty

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 21st Apr 2022
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