Odigo Launches Extended Contact Center

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Odigo has launched the Odigo Extended Contact Center, a solution that extends customer queries to company employees outside the contact centre.

This new offering allows these employees to access customer summaries and detailed contexts even before the interaction takes place. This can ensure faster and more accurate handling.

The Odigo Extended Contact Center claims to

  • reduce call-back requests and repeat calls by 20%
  • improve first contact resolution rates
  • decrease call transfers between employees by up to 15%

David Mason, UK Service and Operations Director, at Odigo explained that “Through conversations with our clients, we understand the pressures of trying to keep up with customers’ ever-increasing expectations.

“The aim is to provide a ‘simple’ solution. Contact centres don’t need to change how they work. Through secure access to the same unified platform, anyone with a license can benefit from and contribute to a customer’s history. It creates an unbroken line of support that delivers the level of care everyone is seeking.”

The Odigo Extended Contact Center Concept

The Odigo Extended Contact Center provides problem specific tools for the following –

Problem: Solution:
Agents don’t know who is available to help. Indicate real-time availability of back-office staff by displaying availability status.
Experts don’t have enough history or context to effectively deal with requests. Provide access to the customer’s summary and detailed context before the interaction even begins.
Interactions with some employees are not recorded, controlled or stored for data optimisation. Monitor all interactions, including advisor-expert and customer-expert interactions, conducted on the same platform.
Customers are frustrated by slow progress and unclear answers. Enable faster, more accurate resolution thanks to shared context and direct contact with experts

If you want to find out more read the full press release

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 13th Jun 2024 - Last modified: 19th Jun 2024
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