Recorded Webinar: Omnichannel – Joining up the Customer Experience

It used to be hard enough to answer phone calls and respond to letters and emails.

Now we have to answer web chats, social media, video calls and deal with escalations from the web site. Customers now expect the same levels of customer service across all channels and want to be able to switch channels.

This presents a real headache to the contact centre. How can this be solved?
Tune in to this webinar to find out.

Topics Discussed

  • Delivering consistency across all channels
  • How to best deploy web chat
  • The real answer to how many web chats one advisor can handle at the same time
  • Identifying customers across all channels
  • Moving from a web site to a phone call
  • Joining up reporting
  • The best omni-channel technology


Richard Snow- Headshot
Richard Snow
Ventana Research
Jonty Pearce- Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

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