One in Every 25 Contact Centre Calls Are Failing Due to Poor Audio Quality

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New research from Spearline shows that at least one in 25 calls fail to connect or suffers customer-impacting issues such as poor audio quality, latency (delay of voice) or DTMF failures.

The research highlights the frustration for contact centres which have invested in modern technology to ensure their agents have the resources they need to fulfil their roles but are suffering with such a fundamental issue.

Multiple headsets, laptops, screens and much more adorn their desks.  They have everything they need. What could go wrong?

Yet our agents are working in an industry where many of their incoming calls relate to an issue or problem that needs to be resolved without delay.

The last thing agents need is for a customer’s frustration to be exacerbated because it’s taken many attempts for the call to connect and then there are delays and interruptions on the line, hindering the conversation.

Customers often attribute substandard call quality to the overseas location of the contact centre.

Less than a decade ago, multinationals could not check if their numbers were operating without physically being in a particular country.  They had to rely on friends and family abroad or backpackers to ring the numbers for them.

Since then, an in-country number-testing product was developed to bridge this gap in telecommunications.

So, maybe it’s time to looks into tools like this, especially if you suspect your contact centre is experiencing many calls of poor audio quality – maybe even more than one in every 25.

To find out more about Spearline and number-testing tools, visit:

Published On: 22nd Jan 2020 - Last modified: 17th Jan 2022
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