Operata Announces Grandioso Release

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Operata has announced availability of the Grandioso release of its Operata Platform. The Grandioso release includes unprecedented capabilities for agent and customer experience (CX) insights correlated across technical, operations, and experience data domains.

“For Operata customers, delivering the best possible customer experience is their top priority,” said Romilly Blackburn, CEO and Co-founder, Operata. “Our correlated CX Observability data is driving astronomical improvements in CCaaS time to value, service performance, and customer outcomes.”

Operata is leading a wave of innovation in consolidated technical and operational analytics for cloud contact centres.

Historically, contact centres have struggled to unify data across diverse sources and tools, leading to CX “blind spots”, limited customer satisfaction, and increased operational costs.

With unified data in Operata Platform that is correlated across technical, operations, and experience data domains, contact centres can now improve compliance and gain accurate and comprehensive insights into contact centre service performance.

The Grandioso Release

The Grandioso release of the Operata Platform delivers powerful new capabilities for cloud contact centres:

Operata for Amazon Connect Contact Lens

New dashboards (“playbooks”) provided out of the box for Contact Lens data derived from quality management, sentiment analysis, and conversational analytics.

Connectors Architecture

Foundational support for an expanding list of business data integrations with Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), Workforce Experience Management (WEM), Quality Management (QM), Voice of the Customer (VoC), and Customer Experience (CX) solutions.

Expanded Event Streams for 3rd-Party Tooling

Expanded Operata data sets are now available with rich eventing via Amazon EventBridge to 3rd-party analytical and operational tools, and systems of record.

Operata Platform is the only CX Observability solution that supports Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX, and NICE CXone. Read more about the Grandioso release at: https://operata.com/grandioso.

“We’re thrilled to bring these innovations in consolidated reporting and analytics to cloud contact centres around the world,” said John Mitchem, Operata Co-Founder and CTO.

“The combination of technical, operations, and experience data yields unprecedented insight into the true ‘people experience’ in the contact centre.”

Through its multi-cloud CX Observability platform, Operata is on a mission to put ‘people experience’ at the heart of cloud communications.

CX Observability helps contact centres resolve issues faster, perform end-to-end tests, justify investments in customer experience, improve KPIs, and accelerate CCaaS time-to-value.

With experience insights from Operata, enterprises create better connections with customers and accelerate revenue growth.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 7th Sep 2023
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