NICE inContact Announces CXone Fall Release

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NICE inContact announced the Fall 2020 release of NICE inContact CXone, delivering greater workforce agility for remote teams.

The Fall offering also provides deeper operational insights across all digital and voice interactions and faster handle time through real-time customer authentication with voice biometrics.

2020 was a year marked by unprecedented upheaval for contact centre leaders, agents and customers. Many contact centres enacted, for the first time, wide-scale work-from-home transition plans all while juggling rising needs and expectations of customers.

In fact, a NICE inContact study of contact centre leaders found that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, 62 percent of respondents experienced an increase in digital interactions and 46 percent saw an upturn in self-service channels – demonstrating that digital customer experience is critical for customer success.

“We’re witnessing the digital acceleration of the contact centre in real time,” said Paul Jarman, CEO, NICE inContact.

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Paul Jarman

“The vast range of digital channels customers have come to expect – chat, SMS text, Twitter, WhatsApp – are now cornerstones of positive customer experiences.”

“NICE inContact CXone doesn’t simply support these functions; they’re now elevated to a new level with our breakthrough innovations to help contact centres gain agility to navigate disruptions and ensure business continuity while developing relationships that last with their customers.”

Increasing Contact Centre Intelligence and Flexibility

Building better contact centres and powering better experiences requires balancing the unique needs of modern agents with the constantly rising expectations of customers.

CXone is designed to mirror the customer and agent experiences, eliminating silos and creating new opportunities, and CXone Fall release highlights include:

Enhanced Remote Workforce Agility & Agent Engagement

CXone provides remote workforce agility with an advanced workforce engagement suite as part of the unified, cloud native CXone platform, enabling contact centres to avoid disruptions and to continuously manage productivity and agent performance in any location.

Leaders can coach and engage their agents in a remote capacity the same as in the office – and in some cases more effectively – through new digital coaching with real-time agent screen monitoring.

CXone also offers new business intelligence models for remote agents and adds new functionality to support work-from-home demands, such as agent-initiated schedule changes, rotational schedules, and other agent-centric remote features.

New Auto-Discovery of Trends Across Digital and Voice Interactions

Faster action to seize opportunities or resolve systemic problems is a must-have in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Now organizations can apply the power of end-to-end analytics across 100% of interactions to spot patterns and answer questions that they did not even know to ask.

New AutoDiscovery in CXone creates “aha” moments through automatic categorization and visualization of topics and trends through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

New Business Intelligence (BI) for Deeper Operational Visibility

New CXone Business Intelligence provides advanced analysis and exploration by embedding BI directly in CXone with graphics, trends, dynamic explorations, and drill downs.

Business users will have the ability to thoroughly analyse with advanced tools, pre-built reports, and custom reporting.

New pre-built reports include visualizations and drill downs for workforce management and quality management with the evaluation details linked to associated agent–customer interactions.

New Real-time Customer Authentication Streamlines Agent and Customer Interactions

Leveraging voice biometrics and advanced artificial intelligence, CXone now offers a passive authentication method to quickly confirm customer identity without repeating passphrases or other identifying markers – reducing average handle time on all agent calls, reducing customer effort, and empowering customers to do more within self-service IVR.

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Paul Jarman

“Seamless, exceptional experiences are vital in attracting new customers, fostering existing relationships and building a community of brand advocates,” Jarman said.

“The Fall 2020 CXone release takes a holistic approach to improving both agent and customer experiences and to helping organizations of all sizes modernize and remain agile in today’s increasingly digital world.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 15th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 20th Oct 2020
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