Playvox and Dialpad Partnership Provides a CX Solution

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As in-person interactions with customers have largely been suspended during the pandemic, customer experience centres have evolved from simply offering reactive support to providing proactive customer engagement.

More than just a cost centre, modern customer experience organizations are now responsible for support, as well as customer acquisition, retention, cross-selling, and upselling. In a digital-first world, customer experience centres have become the heart of modern businesses.

In response to these unprecedented changes across the customer experience industry, Playvox and Dialpad are excited to announce their partnership to provide a seamless, comprehensive customer experience solution.

Technology That Fosters Well-Being

Even as some businesses have started to bring workers back into the office, 78% of CEOs surveyed indicate that some form of remote work will be an enduring part of their business strategy.

As businesses shifted from interacting with their clients in-person, digital channels became the primary means of customer communications, causing organizations to rethink their technology and communications strategies.

Remote work has offered several advantages both for employees and employers, but it also poses unique challenges to company culture, teaming, and overall employee well-being.

As organizations move beyond the initial challenges of doing business remotely, the importance of focusing on employees is at the forefront. In a recent Global Human Capital Trends survey, respondents ranked employee well-being in the top three priorities for work transformation.

Fortunately, technology that fosters communication, collaboration, and trust can help teams build deeper connections, regardless of where their work is performed. This is where the partnership between Playvox and Dialpad can deliver exceptional value.

One Solution for Workforce Engagement Management and Quality Assurance

Recent surveys confirm that almost 40% of companies prefer to buy integrated workforce solutions from their contact centre provider, as opposed to buying from independent vendors. Customer experience technologies exist in an interconnected ecosystem, and customers want unified solutions that seamlessly exchange information and deliver incremental value beyond the sum of the parts.

Playvox and Dialpad have integrated their industry-leading workforce engagement management (WEM) tools and contact centre solutions to deliver a unified offering that helps businesses improve both agent and customer experience.

Dialpad’s features such as skills-based call routing, in-call coaching, post-call analytics, and activity heatmaps, give contact centre managers the tools they need to create a more efficient environment for engaging with customers.

Playvox synchronizes Dialpad users, the status of agents, customer interactions, and call centre events providing a single, comprehensive solution for workforce management and quality assurance.

Playvox adds its advanced workforce management solution to Dialpad contact centres, improving real-time agent planning, forecasting, and scheduling. This helps companies with more than 50 contact centre agents reduce staffing costs while also preventing agent burnout.

Playvox Quality Management is a suite of integrated tools that adds quality management solutions to Dialpad contact centres, with modules for agent learning, motivation, coaching, and even voice-of-the-customer surveys.

With seven workforce engagement solutions in one fully integrated suite, Playvox provides better value and a simpler, more seamless experience than a disparate solution set brought together from multiple vendors.

Better Agent and Customer Experiences

Playvox and Dialpad are elevating the human experience by integrating solutions that customers love. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the partnership provides a comprehensive solution that helps customer experience centres reduce attrition, improve efficiency, and boost customer loyalty and retention.

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Published On: 26th Aug 2021 - Last modified: 31st Aug 2021
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