Playvox Release Their On Demand Webinars

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Playvox have released a number of their webinars to now watch on-demand.

The Complete Digital Contact Center

Join Playvox’s Chuck Krogman & Kustomer’s Mike Shulman as they review the latest and greatest in the digital contact center transformation. 

They discuss what is happening in the marketplace and what customers expect from their digital contact center solutions, as well as walk through how Kustomer & Playvox together are providing customers a path to a Complete Digital Contact Center.

Click here to watch the replay.

WFM: Why Spreadsheets Are So Over

Spreadsheets were positioned as optimal solutions for contact centers serving one channel of customer communication with agents that are only trained for that channel.

Those days are over. Join us to discuss the top five reasons why spreadsheets are no longer an effective tool for forecasting and scheduling.

We will also discuss best practices in moving away from spreadsheets and how you can easily show return on your workforce investment.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why spreadsheets are not effective for forecasting and scheduling
  • How to evolve your business beyond spreadsheets
  • How to build a business case for a WFM solutionX

Click here to watch the replay.

Customer Spotlight: Maximizing Agent Investment with WFM at Angi

Join us to learn more about Angi, and hear from Rob Lajeunesse, Director of CX Strategy and Operations, about how he has improved productivity using real-time data and automated forecasts and schedules.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to drive accountability with outsourced agents and gain granular insights into productivity
  • How combining improved intraday forecasting with productivity gains can help your organization realize optimal investments in external agents
  • 3 key metrics to drive success in optimizing BPO productivity

Click here to watch the replay.

Partner Spotlight: Level Up Your Playvox Solution with Neuraflash

Playvox is thrilled to introduce Neuraflash, a Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect top System Integrator (SI) Partner.

Join Michael McBrien, Vice President at Neuraflash, to learn how they connect your chosen technologies for better outcomes, and create exceptional agent and customer experiences. He will also discuss their partnership with Playvox and share some recent customer success stories.

You’ll Learn:

  • About Neuraflash and the solutions they offer
  • How the joint solutions offered by Neuraflash and Playvox can benefit your contact center
  • Ways you can realize success like those shared in real customer examples

Click here to watch the replay.

The Digital Transformation: Are We Still Transforming?

For 20+ years, 5CA has always been one step ahead of customer experience and supports massive names in the industry.

Since 2007, they have employed 100% work-from-home agents from 60+ countries. Providing world-class customer support has been core to 5CA since its inception, including their digital transformation initiative.

With a goal of driving higher value with fewer front-line agents, 5CA embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the customer experience.

Join Sylvia Mattl, Quality Manager at 5CA and Michelle Randall, CMO, Playvox as they discuss the evolution of customer service at the company. During this webinar, you’ll learn how 5CA:

  • Leveraged AI and automation to support agents and provide fast help with common FAQs
  • Recruited, employed and retained highly skilled fans of brands to cater to their tech-savvy clients
  • Reduced time resolving escalations
  • Drove multi-channel support
  • With the help of Playvox, was able to automate big parts of the QA process

If you are looking for ways to maximize impact, this webinar is for you. Register now to discover how you can emulate 5CA’s success and spearhead your contact center’s digital transformation with tips from these trailblazers.

Click here to watch the replay.

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 12th Sep 2023
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