Answers: How Do You Record Calls Transferred From Other Departments?


Do you allow other departments to transfer their phones to you within the contact centre?

If so do you record these statistics separately?

Answer 1:

Many telephone systems now allow reports to be generated as two how many calls come through from another department.

One organisation I have worked with can tell exactly how many calls have been transferred out or received by a department dependant on which hunt group number was used.

Answer 2:

Answer thanks to Neil Wilkins.

Identifying transfers is an important part of your MI, however, identifying and establishing the number of these is one thing, establishing the reason for these is another. The transfer and handover process can give valuable insights into the internal processes of the organisation, the efficacy of marketing or other literature and agent skills or knowledge gaps.

When mentioning recording, do you meen logging the fact it was transfered and to where, or actualy recording the conversation. If it is the latter, then it depends on the telephony infrastructure and how the call is transfed (internal tie lines etc) Extension side recording ensures the call will be recorded (generally).

Answer thanks to Peter Wilson.

Answer 3:

All our transferred in calls route through a seperate extension number which points in to the call centre just like our call free numbers. It reports just like a seperate phone line.

Answer thanks to Chris Roberts.

Answer 4:


You’re right Peter. Internal calls, from other departments, are generally recorded using an extension side system. However, and particularly with TAPI-enabled phone systems, it’s pretty easy to switch ‘internal recording’ on or off based on a series of rules. It can be as fine-grained as not recording from individual extension numbers/teams/departments, and as broad as switching recording of all internal calls off or on.

Answer thanks to Emma Jenkins.

Published On: 20th Jan 2009 - Last modified: 4th Aug 2016
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