Reflecting on LISTEN 2017

CallMiner held its ninth annual LISTEN 2017 conference on October 25-27 and here are some of the highlights. 

During the event, LISTEN awards were presented to analysts and programme owners whose efforts through the use of analytics had a direct impact on improving business results for their companies.

Adam McCord, Quality Analytics Manager at Bluegreen Vacations, was recognised for achievements in reducing agent attrition, improving customer satisfaction by 26% and sales performance by 48%.

Allyson Keown, Speech Analytics Analyst at Axcess Financial, was recognised for her achievements in tripling monthly audits, as well as reducing average call work by 37%. And most recently for her work in identifying phishing scams with the Eureka speech analytics platform, resulting in 100% decrease in fraud attempts and improved safety of their retail associates.

Also recognised was a programme manager from a large media and entertainment company for her leadership during the early implementation and onboarding phases of speech analytics, as well as for charting a path to dramatic savings in the first year.

In addition, the winner of the annual Eureka API contest was awarded for a second consecutive year to Encore Capital Group for leveraging the CallMiner Eureka API cookbook.

The company leveraged the Eureka API to identify call event flow and predictive modelling to reduce consumer misrecognition language and dispute rates. Also, Capital Group improved script adherence and increased consent request rates.

Other highlights from the event included keynote speakers:

Jay Baer – who revealed the importance of identifying and using talk triggers.
Joe Dudek – who spoke about Quicken Loans’ “Isms,” which is the set of ideals that reflect who the company and team members are, not just what they do
Bill Price – who talked about a shift in power and the need to deliver the Me2B experiences that today’s customers demand.

LISTEN featured its traditional tracks for customer engagement analysts, executives, veterans, and newbies, delivered as presentation and round table sessions, while new technologies were demonstrated by CallMiner and its partner sponsors.

New to the event this year was the Great Escape Challenge, which saw teams of up to eight players competing to finish the challenge in the shortest time using physical clues and their call analytics skills.

“The Great Escape Challenge was a lot of fun and really challenging,” said Christine Gonzalez, HomeServe USA.

“It really helped us to work together to solve the clues. It put your mind out there…very out of the box.”

Scott Kendrick

“We are glad to have been able to add some exciting new aspects to the conference while maintaining highly relevant and resonant content to our attendees – in both our keynotes and the breakout sessions,” said CallMiner Vice President of Marketing, Scott Kendrick.

“The majority of these sessions were presented by organisations using and getting value from customer engagement analytics.”

“LISTEN 2017 is the best conference I’ve been to this year and the best one I’ve been to in recent memory.”

“There is a real sense of community at this conference where people are actually asking great questions and sharing best practices because they love what they do and they are engaged with their work,” said Greg Hirschi from Otterbox.

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Published On: 10th Nov 2017 - Last modified: 14th Nov 2017
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