Release Trapped Agent Capacity in Your Contact Centre (and Reap the Rewards)

THE DATE: 15th June 2017

THE LOCATION: Hotel La Tour, Birmingham

THE DESCRIPTION: You have at least 5% trapped agent capacity in your contact centre. That’s agent time that has been paid for but currently cannot be accessed.

If you could release this trapped agent capacity, what would you do with it? How would it help you achieve the business outcomes you are seeking for your contact centre?

Only a ‘real-time’ workforce can empower you to leverage this additional time to solve a broad range of challenges in the contact centre. Let us help you embrace the latest innovation and best practice.

You’re invited!

Please join us at Hotel La Tour, Birmingham, where we will discuss significant developments in real-time workforce automation that have been adopted by a growing list of visionary contact centres. By attending you will gain valuable insight into this growing movement.



Published On: 9th May 2017
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