RingCentral Announces New Webinar Solution

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RingCentral has announced the beta launch of RingCentral Webinar”, available to customers as an add-on to RingCentral’s flagship offering-RingCentral Message Video Phone (MVP).

The new product, which can be accessed through a web browser or through RingCentral’s unified application, has been built from the ground up to ensure radical simplicity when it comes to set-up, use, and management to democratize the webinar experience – a critical channel of communications enabling today’s hybrid work.

Kira Makagon, chief innovation officer, RingCentral, said, “We’ve all been part of webinars and they’re not the easiest to join and when it comes to hosting them, they can be even more nerve wracking.

At RingCentral our focus is to simplify communications and collaboration technology so it’s easy to set-up, use, and manage–with RingCentral Webinar, we’re doing exactly that.

By leveraging people’s muscle memory of hosting and joining RingCentral Video meetings and by adding Webinar capabilities directly to our unified communications app – that already offers team messaging, video meetings, and a cloud phone system – we’ve made it easier for businesses to deploy and for users to join RingCentral Webinar.”

Webinar software is often complex and daunting for new users to get the hang of. RingCentral Webinar is a secure solution that makes it easier than ever to plan and host a variety of webinars–whether for all-company meetings, a training session, or a marketing event.

Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst, Aragon Research, said, “RingCentral’s new innovative Webinar offering shows ease of use and simplicity, positioning it well to compete in the market.

Traditionally, services like Webinar have been offered as a separate product and have never been easy to join or even schedule.

Because RingCentral Webinar looks and feels just like RingCentral MVP™, it gives end users and line of business decision-makers the ability to dive right in with zero ramp-time needed.”

Key capabilities of RingCentral Webinar include:

Run Webinars with Confidence:

RingCentral Webinar brings simplicity and ease of use to hosts, panelists, and attendees. RingCentral Webinar is tightly integrated and available as an add-on to RingCentral MVP to run large internal events or marketing events in the same experience and can be hosted and attended on the same app.

Additionally, hosts can start webinars using the RingCentral desktop app or through a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Panelists can join directly from the desktop, mobile app, and/or a web browser (even on mobile).

Simple Set-Up

  • Takes seconds to start: Gives users the ability to set up a webinar in just two clicks directly from the RingCentral app or a web browser.
  • Familiar look and feel: Set up and run webinars with the same confidence of hosting and running meetings – all within the RingCentral app.
  • Asynchronous environment: Move seamlessly between messaging, video, and phone to plan and coordinate your webinar before or after it takes place with internal or external collaborators.


RingCentral Webinar will offer simple integrations that enable users to easily track webinar registrations and capture leads in the systems they use.

These integrations will be available in the coming quarters and enable users to streamline end-to-end webinar experiences across the CRMs they depend on for easier registration, promotion, and performance tracking.

Furthermore, RingCentral Webinar offers integrations for popular Marketing Automation Systems such as Marketo and Task Automation products such as Zapier.


RingCentral is building an ecosystem of solutions – from analytics to APIs. RingCentral Webinar will deliver Quality of Service (QoS) analytics for real-time and historical reporting of webinars for both host and panelist roles.

With analytics at their fingertips, hosts can ensure the highest quality experience of their organization’s all-hands webinars with detailed service, quality monitoring, and reporting.

Kris Kleinschmidt, IT Specialist, at Pacific Fishery Management Council, said, “Setting up a webinar, inviting presenters, running test sessions, and ultimately putting on the show has been streamlined in RingCentral Webinar. It couldn’t be easier.

RingCentral Webinar also provides optimal security for us, a necessity as our organizations host publicly attended meetings.

With RingCentral Webinar, the granular controls to limit who has access to screen share, enable their microphones, and overall participation gives us confidence in successfully broadcasting our conferences without incident.

We also love the flexibility–RingCentral has made it easy for our attendees and stakeholders to join via browser, mobile app or whatever device they are running–their choice.”

The initial launch of RingCentral Webinar is geared towards use cases including–but not limited to–all-hands company meetings, trainings, team celebrations, and company culture events.

In summer 2022, webinar features will expand to support marketing use cases and include more features to support and track webinar success across the lead generation lifecycle.

RingCentral Webinar is available in beta to all customers in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. RingCentral Webinar is expected to be generally available in Summer 2022.

To learn more about RingCentral Webinar click here.

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Published On: 16th Mar 2022
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