Simple Way to Measure Productivity In Admin Dept

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Simple Way to Measure Productivity

I am looking for some simple ways to measure productivity in an administration dept.

The problem I have is every one does different tasks and the tasks can also vary in the length of time they take to complete, And to confuse it even more one person will work on several different tasks during the day.

I am trying to find a way to work out the (rough) productivity of the individuals. We count all work and record against SLA’s for that task etc but do not yet count how many items an individual completes so I feel there may be something there but I am unsure how to calculate this any ideas?

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanks.

Question asked by Luke D

Identify and categorise the tasks

Firstly you need to identify and categorise the tasks, ideally breaking them down to a manageable number. Best to do this if you can identify the Runners, repeaters & rarities, i.e. Those tasks that are done every day, those that are done quite often and those that rarely crop up

If you then have say 6 tasks, from A to F then you need to measure the time taken for each task.

Once you have that, you have the capability to calculate your resource & demand each day and the capacity that you can get through

It’s not necessarily confusing that one person can work more than one task in a day, in fact it can be helpful from a flexible workforce point of view. Employee 1 can work task A in the morning and B in the afternoon, whilst Employees 2&3 might all work on task C, etc.

Hope that is of some help

With thanks to Scott

2 ways

Luke, there are 2 ways to go at this problem.

  1. Identify and measure the tasks as scott has mentioned, using a tool that agents can use to register work complete and downtime (should be done as a monitored trial.
  2. Use this method on some trusted agents to define targets for each task. Once you have these you can measure the workload complete against targets and manage individuals on this basis (ie. if an agents workload against target should have taken 7 hours, and they worked 8, they are underproductive, and visa versa)

With thanks to mark2p

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 29th Apr 2022
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