New Study Shows AI Enhances Consumer Loyalty

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NICE has announced the release of the 2024 International Happiness Index, a new research initiative highlighting the gap between consumer expectations and business performance in customer experience (CX).

The study found that most consumers believe if organizations leverage digital and AI solutions in customer service, it can close the gap and make them happier and more loyal consumers.

Consumers understand the benefits that AI can bring to their lives. 41% of consumers identified resolving issues faster as the primary benefit of AI, with an additional 36% of consumers citing not having to repeat themselves as another significant advantage.

The research shows that 41% of consumers value AI for its ability to resolve issues quickly, and 36% appreciate not having to repeat themselves. In the U.S., 30% of respondents who acknowledge AI’s advantages are inclined to spend more with brands that provide excellent service, with 44% showing greater loyalty to such brands.

The Index measures the impact of brand interactions on consumer satisfaction and loyalty across different demographics and regions. Findings indicate that nine out of ten consumers are willing to pay more for superior customer service, and 52% are more likely to return to brands offering exceptional CX.

Omer Minkara, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Aberdeen, said, “You might expect people to be happy if they receive a discount, because value and price are very important, especially in today’s economy.

“So, it’s interesting to see consumers essentially saying, ‘I want to be wowed.’ Brands must adapt to distinguish themselves by delivering delightful experiences.”

Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, said, “The impacts of exceptional customer service extend far beyond the interaction, ultimately driving overall consumer happiness.

“We commissioned the inaugural International Happiness Index to demonstrate the influence that businesses have on consumer happiness and how the latest cutting-edge technology can enable businesses to connect with their consumers on a new level.

“This confirms the power of Enlighten’s purpose-built AI for CX in driving businesses to not only deliver great customer experiences but gain and retain loyal consumers.”

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Author: Hannah Swankie

Published On: 21st Jun 2024 - Last modified: 25th Jun 2024
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