Survey Results Highlight the Truth About Agent Wellbeing

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Puzzel has announced the results of its latest survey, which looks closely at the topic of health and well-being in the contact centre.

Throughout September 2019 the company surveyed a broad range of contact centre professionals to discover the truth about agent well-being in contact centres today.

The online questionnaire prompted responses from over 90 organizations and the results define the meaning of agent well-being, how organizations are measuring it and what steps they are taking to improve it.

Respondents said that ‘a sense of purpose with clear goals’ (91%) and ‘having the right knowledge and tools to do the job’ (87%) were top contributors to agent happiness while ‘inconsistent processes’ (72%) and ‘IT issues and/or clunky technology’ (71%) were considered major barriers to agent well-being.

Other key findings of Puzzel’s survey include:

  • 35% of organizations currently have an agent well-being strategy in place, while 34% do not and a further 24% have plans to develop one in the near future
  • For most respondents, having happy agents and a healthy work–life balance takes into account an agent’s physical and emotional welfare and are clear indicators of agent well-being
  • Either having too much to do or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, boredom are both significant impediments to agent well-being with 58% of respondents citing ‘too little to do or too much time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks’ and 56% citing ‘constant stress’ as major challenges

“Organizations are increasingly looking for the balance between a productive workplace and a happy one and are beginning to realize they go hand in hand,” commented Rob Smith, co-founder of Mobfit UK, London’s workplace well-being consultancy.

“Contact centres have some very specific needs, so it’s great that Puzzel is highlighting the important work being done in terms of employee well-being and the areas that still need to be improved.”

A Puzzel Spokesperson concluded: “It’s heartening to see that organizations are waking up to the importance of agent well-being, with nearly 60% of respondents having or planning to have a well-being strategy in the near future.”

“An overriding sentiment is that agents are key to delivering a high standard of customer experience (CX). Happy staff who feel valued and are listened to are considered to be more productive and better performers while low sickness and attrition rates are effective barometers of agent well-being.”

“The results and case studies from the survey are enlightening and should inspire contact centre leaders to understand what makes their team tick and to do more to ensure well-being in the workplace.”

Published On: 30th Oct 2019 - Last modified: 18th Feb 2020
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