The 10 New Rules of the Inbound Contact Centre

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Things have changed in the contact centre. Customer experience is no longer bound by the limitations of legacy on-premises system capabilities. In their place, new cloud-based solutions offer a more flexible and agile approach, resulting in considerably more rewarding customer interactions.

But while new cloud-based technology can play a major role in an organisation’s ability to deliver a more effective customer experience, it needs to be grounded in solid strategy.

“The 10 New Rules of the Inbound Contact Center” provides a playbook through which any brand can get the most from their cloud-based platform:

  1. Think multiple inbound channels
  2. Route customers more intelligently
  3. Make it easier to self-serve
  4. Use dynamic scripting
  5. Prioritise your contacts by channel
  6. Treat your best customers like VIPs
  7. Don’t think “call centre”. Think contact centre
  8. Don’t forget about outbound
  9. Give agents a single view of customers
  10. Close the customer feedback loop

Brands that have invested, or are considering investing, in an automated dialling system for their inbound contact centre must be sure they have the right combination of processes, people and technology in place to deliver a truly flexible and user-friendly experience.

Read West’s complete guide to explore the “10 New Rules of the Inbound Contact Center” on a deeper level and maximize return from your investment in inbound technology.

Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 10th Feb 2017 - Last modified: 15th Feb 2017
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