What Is a Predictive Dialler?

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What Is Predictive Dialling?

Predictive dialling is perhaps the ‘classic’ outbound call centre dialling mode, helping agents work through large databases of numbers, often as part of a mass-market sales campaign.

How Does Predictive Dialling Work?

Predictive mode dials multiple numbers at the same time, and then matches answered calls to available agents. You can adjust the rate at which the dialler places calls, but speed and efficiency are of the essence with predictive dialling.

What Are the Benefits of Predictive Dialling?

Predictive dialling uses a sophisticated algorithm to estimate the number of calls that are likely to be answered and the number that are likely to ring off or connect to answering machines. It continually adjusts the rate of dialling as the algorithm gathers more information.

Because a percentage of calls won’t be answered, it dials multiple numbers at the same time, ensuring agents spend as much time as possible talking to customers. It is the most intensive dialling mode but also the most efficient.

Who Uses Predictive Dialling?

Predictive dialling is the gold standard for straightforward, high-volume sales campaigns. It can quickly and efficiently work through large datasets, making sure leads are contacted while they’re still warm.

Predictive dialling is about making every call count, and ensuring agents are always doing what they do best – talking to customers and leads.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 30th Jun 2023
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