What Is DNIS?

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What Is DNIS?

DNIS means Dialed Number Identification Service. This is the same as DDI Direct Dial Incoming.

A string of digits that the telephone network passes to the ACD, VRU or other device, to indicate which number the caller dialled.

The ACD can then process and report on that type of call according to user-defined criteria. One trunk group can have many DNIS numbers.

In essence, it is a block of telephone numbers that can be used for directing calls to a particular individual or a particular service.

So, for example, the number range is

  • 01632 960 100 to
  • 01632 960 199

So you could use

  • 01632 960 100 for the switchboard
  • 01632 960 101 for Customer Service
  • 01632 960 120 for Sales etc

Published On: 22nd Apr 2022 - Last modified: 12th Jul 2022
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