What Is Machine Learning?

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Machine learning is the technical process that happens behind the scenes to help computers and algorithms learn.

When a call centre uses sentiment analysis software to detect customer emotion as they speak with a representative, machine learning processes continuously monitor the conversation to learn more about what constitutes a positive or negative emotion.

People can train these algorithms to become better at doing what they do. Sentiment analysis platforms work behind the scenes during customer conversations, but humans can use tagging, alerts, and other tools to make the platform drill down into elements of conversations the company wants to highlight.

Similarly, data analysts can update and tweak machine learning systems for continued improvements.

Of course, with its advantages come a few disadvantages, as artificial intelligence has far to go to become perfect.

For instance, it can be exceptionally difficult for an algorithm to distinguish between positive and negative tones. While most people understand sarcasm with verbal speech, machine learning models might view a sentence as positive when it was intended to be negative.

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Published On: 28th Jul 2023
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