What is MIS With Reference to A Call Centre, How Does MIS Work

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What is MIS With Reference to A Call Centre, How Does MIS Work?

Hi Guys,

It is wonderful to have a forum like this where in we can post our questions and get answers from the best guys in their fields. I am a little confused as i am trying to set up a MIS system in my company. But i need a few tips to know what is MIS with reference to a call centre and what is done in a MIS department or how do u set it up and what are the modules that are required, Please let me know it as fast as possible. if you guys have any documentation on what is MIS and how do u go abt it, then please mail me at the following e-mail address shaancentre@yahoo.com. Thanks for everything.

Question asked by shantanu


Hi Shantanu,

Managing Information Systems – MIS is unique to every organization and its business needs. The idea of having an MIS Dept or an MIS system is to have a central repository to manage Information flowing in and out of the organization and rendering it useful for the growth of an individual, process and organization. That’s the basic role and responsibility of the MIS dept / system. Not everyone, can understand figures or data and apply it to the individual’s / organizations growth. This team specializes in utilizing statistics, software and data management tools to provide the organization with an understanding of what’s happening in and around the org, feed the necessary processes with reqd analysis and data.. and suggest improvements.

The different modules:
Data Mining
Data Analysis
Data Reporting
Software management (Inbound ACD / Outbound Dialler etc)
Process Improvement suggestions
Staffing Calculation

Hope this information is useful and answers your question.

With thanks to Swapnil


where we can get more information on MIS, such as PDF/HTML.

With thanks to Abhijeet




What exactly are you looking at. If you want additional info on MIS and how to establish a system… I’m afraid I can’t guide you to a specified ready resource. these don’t come for free.

If you can clarify, maybe i will be able to help you.

ps: there are many software companies which specialize in creating an MIS system, but then these cost a bomb and may not suit your organizations need.

Keep in touch.

With thanks to Swapnil

MIS – what and Why

Any information that aids in decision making process within an organization is generally perceived as MIS.

Depending on what decision needs to be taken and at what intervals this decision need be reviwed, information bases are set up. The big jargons like data mining, data warehousing does not help unless there are processes and systems to capture, interpret and apply information derived from various data sources. Usually management wants to know how much are they making ( profits obviously), how efficiently their assets are performing and how best to optimize the resources and profitability.

So if Tracmail needs a MIS system the output needs to be first defined. Once you know the deliverables of the system you need to look at data sources that relate to the information.

Hope this will help.


With thanks to Vedula

MIS ??

Hi All

I agree with Vedula.. MIS is a very generic term used. The question here is that it would depend on evry organization so as to what the individual requirements would be.
Any kind of data management and reports is normally defined under MIS. In a call centre perspective, MIS should cover the following:

1. Switch related data
2. Quality data
3. Attendance Data
4. Initiative data
5. Appraisal data
6. online test data
7. Training data

All of the above, and any thing else, should be typically stored in a common database, which would fecilitate easier data retrieval and access

With thanks to Pushkar

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