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Wonolo, which stands for “work now locally”, is a website that connects job seekers to local businesses that are hiring. Today, they are using Einstein AI to assist their customer service agents.

The impact: Using Salesforce Service Cloud generative AI, Wonolo has bolstered the confidence of its agents and increased overall efficiency.

  • The company has seen a 20% decrease in average handling times for newer agents and a 12% decrease for more experienced ones.
  • The agents’ service quality has improved and become more consistent, as evidenced by customers less frequently requesting specific agents.
  • Agents also report feeling more empowered in their responses, requiring less oversight.

Dive Deeper:

Wonolo uses Salesforce across its business, driving operational efficiency and increasing sales.

For example, the company has used Service Cloud to boost agent response times and customer satisfaction scores through automation and AI.

This includes auto-generated texts that give customers important job details, like role requirements and next steps, which have contributed to a three-point increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Wonolo selected Einstein because of its human-like tone and fast, two-to-three-second response time, compared to other tools that take up to 10 seconds for replies.
  • Service Cloud is used to follow up with job seekers to check on their progress with training and remind them about the first day of work. It brings together a 360-degree view of customer data, so that cases can be resolved faster.
  • Sales Cloud tracks the customer journey from prospect identification to repeat job placement.

Wonolo Perspective:

“Salesforce took the time to understand Wonolo’s needs and offer solutions that addressed our pain points. We have been able to bring all the information our agents need together in one place.

“Generative AI has helped our agents be more efficient and confident in their work, without losing the human connection we pride ourselves on as a company.” Adam Ashworth, Senior Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Perspective:

“Einstein enhances the human element of candidate matching, making Wonolo even better at what they do best.

“Helping people do their jobs more effectively and providing more consistent service is a great example of the opportunities that can be unleashed when generative AI is coupled with great customer service.”Kishan Chetan, EVP and GM of Service Cloud

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Published On: 28th Feb 2024 - Last modified: 5th Mar 2024
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