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Zailab are set to exhibit at the 2018 Enterprise Connect conference and expo in Orlando and here they introduce their stand.

For ZaiLab CEO Nour Addine Ayyoub, it’s super important that any marketing material, be it a brochure or digital banner, represents the ZaiLab way of thinking. This includes expo stands.

This month, team ZaiLab headed to the USA to launch their cloud-based contact centre software on American soil. To mark the occasion, the company chose to exhibit at the Enterprise Connect conference and expo in Orlando, with a stand designed to turn heads.

Naturally, Ayyoub wanted it designed in-house. And he knew exactly who to turn to. The ZaiLab industrial team.

This is the team who have helped to work on contact centre hardware – including the futuristic ZaiAgent workstations, the self-help ZaiKiosk and the 55-inch touchscreen ZaiConsole, inspired by science-fiction films such as Oblivion.

Also, they were responsible for creating the ZaiTruck, a custom-designed space vehicle built atop a solid MAN KAT 6×6 chassis.

Take a look at ZaiLab’s ZaiTruck!

An expo stand would be a walk in the park by comparison.

“We bring our identity into everything we design as a company,” says industrial designer Evan Hughes.

“We don’t give out a generic brief to an outside company. This is our design. It’s part of our identity. That’s where we stand out.”

Working closely with the customer success team, the industrial designers conceptualised a 30×40-foot stand from start to finish, the centrepiece being the company mascot itself – the massive ZaiTruck.

The Video Wall

The 26-foot video wall includes six 48-inch LED screens that showcase ZaiLab’s software functionality.

Each screen represents a specific role (agent, team leader, etc), the central screen showing the brain of Zailab’s software – the company’s AI algorithm.

Videos educate visitors on the features these roles can access, from easy-to-use dashboards, recording, reporting and so on.

The cladded aluminium frame features a printed fabric overlay that outlines everything that the software can do, at a glance.

Like the ultra-futuristic ZaiConsole, this overlay was inspired by concept art from films like Oblivion and Iron Man.

At the back of the frame, an overview wall features ZaiLab’s three differentiators.

The ZaiKiosk

A transactional self-help kiosk, the ZaiKiosk features a screen that displays the appropriate branded background for the agent while they are on call with a customer.

This all-in-one kiosk was designed by the ZaiLab industrial team as part of their bespoke hardware range, and features a microphone, document scanner, camera, built-in speakers and fingerprint reader.

The ZaiTruck

Having spent three months rumbling across the African continent, the ZaiTruck was given a polish and some new vinyl branding for its US debut.

But ZaiLab didn’t just want their truck to stand idle. For the expo, the team added a platform stage, stairs, handrails and furniture, so visitors to their booth can look around, meet with the team and even demo their software.

In fact, the company even threw in a selfie station, because no one can walk past the truck without snapping a pic. That’s why the ZaiTruck has its own Facebook page.

Sign-up Stations

Beside the ZaiTruck you’ll find two eight-foot sign-up stations where visitors can register for a 14-day trial of ZaiLab’s software, completely free of charge.

Overhead Display

ZaiLab’s stand is pretty eye-catching, but what about people on the other side of the hall? To ensure no one missed out on seeing their stand, the company’s team created a huge overhead display (13×11 feet), featuring six panels printed with the company logo.

Over three months, concept drawings transformed into 3D models that in turn become technical drawings ready to be manufactured and shipped over the water.

Naturally, the industrial team accompanied ZaiLab’s CEO to the expo to see their vision come to life.

Watch the build-up video now.

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