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[sticky] Post new questions on our new community question pages 1 rboynton
How to calculate the number of agents required 26 JontyPearce
At what point are you allowed to hang up on a caller? 27 Member service rep
Acceptable Waiting Time? 14 jaggy
What should we call our front line call centre staff? 17 JontyPearce
Games ideas for an Office Olympic themed incentive 4 JontyPearce
how do you deal with call escalation? 5 MarketpointGlobal
Service Level Threshold Calculations 3 JontyPearce
Calculating Agent Availability % 13 nahidbd501
Regulations on outbound calling times 2 DaveUKLee
I need a good name for a new Contact Centre 7 ahmed maghraby
When's the best time to ring a call centre? 4 Janette Coulthard
Whatsapp based call center 3 Dannis
Actual Required FTE Calculation 6 Ivan
Verint Impact 360 Manual 3 rachittiwari
FTE Calculation Question 13 Saloni
AVAYA CMS Reporting 2 gcording
Workforce Formula Computation Compilation 2 JontyPearce
Typing while talking 10 JoniPerry
Measuring Agent Adherence / Conformance / Productivity... 6 ClareEdwards
Calls Answered within SLA - Calculation 6 AskRodman
Call centre agent titles and "ranks" 7 littleli
Formula to calculate the call resolution 3 JontyPearce
Use of full names 14 KrisUK
grade of service formulas 3 refjohn
Operations Manager Interview 2 JontyPearce
Agents break times 9 Luna
Forecasting Service Levels in absence of WFM 13 asipoy
Cost per contact 5 prokelly
Chat Key Performance Metrics 6 PJack
Best Forecasting Method 6 Salvatore D.
Agents Capacity 5 Mohaammeds
Can't Pass Tel Roleplays For Jobs 6 Bunnycatz
Working Hours 4 KrisUK
Staffing Calculator for E-mail queues 14 JontyPearce
Excel Version of a Dashboard 3 SJ
Calls Per Hour 2 JontyPearce
How do you solve a problem like call centre verbal abuse... 8 GPR_Consulting
forecasting accuracy 8 Scott Mac
Buzz Session Energizers 6 JontyPearce
What makes an outbound sales agent?? 6 John B
Sickness, lateness and going AWOL during probation. 5 Tricia Dinero
Tone of voice 4 clrktsr
Proactive Chat Staffing Calculation 15 sushil10s
Call center SME 3 JontyPearce
Data Protection Question - Urgent Help. 6 JontyPearce
Call Flow Design Best Practice 4 Randerton
Workforce Management (WFM) or Workforce Optimization (WFO)? 3 dsjrichards
Maximum Number Of Attempts 6 LukeT
16 to 24 years olds and employmnet prospects 16 Muggsy
Shrinkage and Absenteeism 2 JontyPearce
Attendance and Punctuality 8 pdinys
Verint Impact 360 error messge 3 Stephane
Average "HOLD" time? 5 KevinP
How to calculate FTE requirements on a monthly level 5 wmsamo
95% Answer rate predictor 9 KevinP
Profit and Loss statements in call centre 4 Dougie Cameron
New Nesting Program 3 Anonymous
Service Level vs Occupancy 5 robtuck
Forecasting 19 JontyPearce
PIP 4 Northern Lady
Bidding for Outsource Business 4 KrisUK
Quality Monitoring Forms 44 sburgess
call recording retention period 4 clairef
How to answer "Why should we hire you?" in interview? 4 blondie
Percentage Calls Answered 4 slambert
Taking Payments 13 TheITGuy
Cost Per Call 5 new starter
Seat Utilization Ratio 3 mathewe2s
What makes a good team leader 8 cbi
What is repeated call? 2 JontyPearce
Call Quality Scoring 7 Emily Watson
Call Centre Threshold 3 gbwindy
to determine FTE requirements 6 Anonymous
How do I reduce my Wrap and Hold time? 5 robtuck
Outbound call outsourcing advice 12 Dhruv Bhatnagar
How many trainers per employee? 3 Marilyn Watts
FTE Calculations 10 JontyPearce
Do we need to give surname? 5 GPR_Consulting
Types of inbound calls 4 JontyPearce
Call evaluation criteria 3 JontyPearce
WFM systems - the good and the bad 9 leanne
How do you handle escalations at a manager level? Any suggestions? 2 dilacotre
The Call Centre A modern day cultural horror story??? 5 dlexmond
NICE Totalview 4 PezXIII
Schedule Efficiency 5 robtuck
I've been AWOL for 12 working days now, what should I do? 3 yellthem
Email Service Level 4 Gem_ma
Quality Assurance Vs Team Supervisor 15 chege
Call centre budgets!! 3 JontyPearce
Workforce Management Best Practice 5 Jack7176
Voice to text 12 Ben
how to forecast abandoned calls 4 Lynne
Hanging up on abusive customers 4 Pyotr
Holiday Allowance 4 mathewe2s
Managing a backlog 4 YN Lee
Simple way to measure productivity in Admin dept 3 mark2p
Verint Impact 360 Ad Hoc Reporting 2 robtuck
Improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 2 JontyPearce
Internal Call Monitoring 6 DutchBrum
Probing Activities 6 JontyPearce
Break Monthly Forecast Down To Weekly Forecast 4 JontyPearce
Forecasting in 15 minute intervals 4 JontyPearce
1st Line Contact - 30, 60 & 90 day plan 2 YN Lee
Month Long Game 9 Paula
Ideas for a corporate telephone greeting 2 Bunnycatz
Call Centre vs Switchboard 4 godfreysh
Floor Walking Solution 4 KrisUK
Short Calls 7 JontyPearce
Shrinkage Calculation 3 JontyPearce
Staff Planning Cycle 2 dlexmond
Sales advisor interview questions? 4 tua022012
excel forecast 6 rizza
Conversion Rate 3 mark2p
Aspiring Workforce Analyst 4 Connor
FTE calculation for back office account 4 JontyPearce
First client 2 JontyPearce
Use of Customer's Name 2 Bailey
DMC Rate 2 Janette Coulthard
Bank Holiday Operating Hours 6 DAS
Call centre manager interview presentation 2 rboynton
Agent available time 4 nbrady
High sickness and absence in temporary staff 5 Euan Johnston
Dashboard Reporting 4 sparky
credit check for job 6 drogo84
required FTE calculation (non-voice) 2 sushil10s
Formula for calculating wrap time 3 bjordan
Training Modules for outbound tele-marketing 2 pkamande
Avaya IQ 8 rchandler
Call Centre Agent Feedback Form 6 Martin Hill-Wilson
Call Calibration Tracking 3 Jeri
Measuring RPH 5 Amanti
Quality outbound calls how many per agent? 5 beatrice51
Blue Pumpkin What If Mode 5 Lawrence
24 hour shift rota 3 Newbee
Measuring soft skills 8 patricholier
Outbound Calling Hours on Sunday? 3 KrisUK
Backoffice FTE Caculation 6 Dennis
Number of calls analysed 14 Stephen_NI
Starting up a UK-based call centre 2 JontyPearce
Outbound Telemarketing System Requirements 7 chicagoinbound
Introduce yourself 96 SteveO
Inbound/Outbound Split 9 lucascadams
Call centre setup 5 Anonymous
Call Center Structure 2 Bobby
Expected "talk-time" per day???? 5 James C
System note abbreviation help needed?! 3 RuthMT
Handling customers Bereavement and Empathy 3 Maureen S
Team Manager ratios 7 ERAC123
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