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8 Tips to Reduce Customer Service Contacts

Trevor Flack explains how you can save money and improve service levels by reducing the number of contacts coming into your customer service team. Read more...

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5 Principles for Developing Employee Engagement

Michael Allen looks at the 5 core principles which could help you to improve employee engagement in your contact centre. Read more...

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How to Write a Good Customer Service Letter – Example

We spotted this great customer service letter from Barnyarns. Here are 5 things we really love about it! Read more...

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The Hashtag You Hope Your Customers Aren’t Using About You

Culture Is About Philosophy, Not Policy

There’s a Reason Why It’s Called Fishing, Not Catching

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Poll Results – What Skills are we Looking for in our Agents?

Empathy and product knowledge are the most sought-after skills in the contact centre industry.

(Read more…)

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4 Reasons Agents Quit Their Jobs

exit-185Kasia Swatowska discusses the ongoing issue of high agent attrition in the contact centre industry. (Read more…)

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Ask the Expert – How to Measure Employee Engagement

engagement-webinar-newsletter-160225In this Ask the Expert webinar, our panel of experts will answer your questions about measuring employee engagement.
(Read more…)

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2 Weeks Left for Ofcom Consultation Period

ofcom-image-185The consultation period for Ofcom’s ‘persistent misuse’ policy will close on 24th February. (Read more…)

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8 Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid

schedule-mistakes-185Chris Dealy looks at the biggest mistakes made in scheduling. (Read more…)

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Are You Wasting Customers’ Time?

bored-on-hold-185Valur Svansson shares his advice on optimising your customer interactions.  (Read more…)

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Time for a Rethink on AMD?

rethink-185Justin Hamilton-Martin shares his experience of balancing Answering Machine Detection (AMD) with regulatory compliance. (Read more…)

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Intelecom Sponsors Free Erlang Calculator

calculator-185Intelecom are now sponsoring the free Erlang Calculator created by Call Centre Helper. (Read more…)

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Generational Divide on Flexible Working

flexible-working-185Workers over 55 are the most likely to have reservations about flexible working.  (Read more…)

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Is Data Safe in Contact Centres?

safe-data-185Keiron Dalton has called on the banking industry to include extra checks to prevent SIM Swap fraud. (Read more…)

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Education Provider Reduces Dialling Errors

education-185Interactive Design Institute (IDI) is using ContactWorld for Sales. (Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: Gartner Newsletter on NICE Adaptive WFO

To win in today’s customer-focused environment, organizations need their employees fully engaged and acting as true customer experience champions. Gartner’s latest report looks at best practices and technology strategies to help you create a winning adaptive customer service organization.

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White Paper: Strategic Considerations When Building Customer Service for the Next Decade

This White Paper offers a four-step strategy to support the change necessary for organisations to evolve customer service, with an aim to develop an ecosystem between customers, providers, technologies, tools, and channels.

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White Paper – How to Make the Boat Go Faster

As a business, you are continuously looking to stand out, add value for your customers and drive competitive advantage. In this White Paper, Enghouse Interactive and Olympic star Ben Hunt-Davis share best practices for enhancing customer service performance.

Download White Paper

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Ask the Expert – How to Measure Employee Engagement

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Ask Customers if They’d Mind Completing a Longer Survey

ask-customers-185Here is an idea to help you gather more detailed feedback from the customers who have the time to offer it. (Read more…)

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