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50 Ideas to Transform Your Contact Centre

Our readers share their top tips for improving your contact centre. Read more...

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12 Guaranteed Ways to Ruin Your Integration With the Back Office

Our panel of experts highlight the key mistakes to avoid when integrating the back office into your contact centre. Read more...

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5 Traits to Look for in Your Next Call Centre Employee

Ian Cowley shares the key personality traits he looks for when interviewing for his contact centre. Read more...

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REVEALED: Why You Are Forgetful

Southwest Airlines Gives Us Another Lesson in Customer Loyalty

Changing Customer Behavior with a Little Nudge

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Poll – What Is Stopping You From Making It Easier For Customers?

55% of industry professionals say that their current technology stops them from making life easier for their customers.

(Read more…)

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What Is the Real Value of Forecasting?

value-185Simon Butler shares his experience of getting the most from your forecasting capabilities. (Read more…)

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Technology Round Table – The Robots Are Coming

robot-webinar-newsletter-160211The rapid rise of automation makes a lot of customer service jobs vulnerable to replacement by robots. And the latest rush to webchat makes it much easier to replace humans. (Read more…)

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Making the Most of Speech Analytics

speech-analytics-185Steve McInally shares his 5 guidelines to keep your speech analytics project on track. (Read more…)

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10 Ways to Know You’re a Great Trainer

trainer-185Think you’re a great trainer? Here are 10 things you should definitely be doing in your contact centre! (Read more…)

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Jabra Launches New Discounts

jabra-percentages-185Public sector organisations can now benefit from discounts on a range of Jabra headsets. (Read more…)

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5 Ways to Evolve the Customer Experience

evolve-185Netcall looks at how you should be responding to the changing customer experience climate. (Read more…)

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Survey – What Are European Contact Centres Doing in 2016?

survey-185For the first time, ContactBabel are researching the contact centre industries of mainland Europe and Ireland. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Transcom Upgrades WFO Platform

compliance-185The customer experience specialist has chosen HP’s Workforce solution to ensure quality and compliance. (Read more…)

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Cartoon of the Month – Black Belt

(Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: Strategic Considerations When Building Customer Service for the Next Decade

This White Paper offers a four-step strategy to support the change necessary for organisations to evolve customer service, with an aim to develop an ecosystem between customers, providers, technologies, tools, and channels.

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White Paper – How to Make the Boat Go Faster

As a business, you are continuously looking to stand out, add value for your customers and drive competitive advantage. In this White Paper, Enghouse Interactive and Olympic star Ben Hunt-Davis share best practices for enhancing customer service performance.

Download White Paper

White Paper: Taking Another Look at Making IVR a Great Customer Experience

Many view IVR as emblematic of everything that is wrong with contact centres. Going forward, these mistakes are now inexcusable. This White Paper offers practical advice on how you can change your IVR design for everyone’s benefit.

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Technology Round Table – The Robots Are Coming

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Encourage Webchat Agents to not be too Robotic

jontys-tip-webchat-happy-185Here is a good idea to better engage your webchat agents in their work, while also improving the customer experience. (Read more…)

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