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7 Ways to Build an Emotional Connection by Email

Boost your customer loyalty by increasing your agents’ emotional intelligence. Read more...

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11 Things a Call Centre Agent Should Never Say (But Many Do)

Here are 11 phrases no agent should ever say. Do you ever hear them in your call centre? Read more...

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28 Ways to Optimise Agent Scheduling

Our panel reveals how to get the best out of your contact centre scheduling. Read more...

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4 Ways to Gain Customers’ Trust in Data Security

An Example of Great Customer Service

Don’t Kill Email – Tame It

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Who Do You Respect Most in the Contact Centre Industry?

best-respected-185The nominations are now open for deciding ‘The Most Respected People in the Contact Centre Industry’.
(Read more…)

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Replay and Slides from Webinar: How to Turn Agents Into Super Agents

A replay and slides are available from our webinar on how to turn agents into super agents.

Click here to view the replay

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Webchat Volume Rises to 250 Million

contactbabel-185ContactBabel has revealed that the number of webchats handled by UK contact centres has increased to 250 million per year. (Read more…)

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Self-Regulation Needed to Crack Silent Calls

magnorth-phone-185David Ford explains why the contact centre industry should be safeguarding its own reputation when it comes to silent calls. (Read more…)

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Winners and Losers – October 2014

swimmer-winners-185This month we bring you news from Plantronics, Webhelp UK, Aspect Software, Nice Systems, Interactive Intelligence and InVision. (Read more…)

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Customer Satisfaction Falls to 50%

customer-satisfaction-185Customer service satisfaction across the UK’s call centres has fallen from 62% to 50% over the last 18 months.
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Jabra Launches Noise-Cancellation Headsets

jabra-headset-185Jabra has launched its newest product series, Jabra Evolve. (Read more…)

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Poll – Do You Multi Skill People in the Contact Centre?

During our webinar “ALL NEW 30 Contact Centre Tips” our audience were asked  “Do you multi skill people in the Contact Centre”

Do-you-multi-skill-people-in-the-Contact-Centre-510 (Read more…)

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Recording Integration Success

integrate-nice-185The Nice Trading Recording (NTR) system has been integrated with Truphone’s mobile recording service.
(Read more…)

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Multichannel Integrations Increase

nvm-increase-185Research has found that organisations are increasingly investing in omni-channel cloud customer contact solutions across the service industry. (Read more…)

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Aspect Zipwire Launched

zipwire-aspect-185Aspect Software has launched Zipwire, a cloud-based contact centre interface. (Read more…)

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Agents Celebrate Customer Service Week


Agents at a contact centre in Essex have celebrated National Customer Service Week. (Read more…)

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Call Centre News Round-Up

  • News In BriefOfcom slaps Three with £250,000 fine for poor customer service. MSN News
  • Government to clamp down on nuisance calls and spam. The Independent
  • British Gas in 118 118 deal to see off its cheaper rivals. Mail Online
  • ‘Dear Mr. Human’: United Airlines suffers another embarrassing customer service blunder. Entrepreneur

(Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: Guide to Quality Monitoring

With further investment in quality monitoring predicted, this guide identifies typical returns which can be gained from a QM system and key features and functions to look for to avoid some common pitfalls following implementation.

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Whitepaper: PCI DSS in Call Centres – Summer 2014

Syntec and Davies Hickman Partners have conducted an investigation into how contact centre leaders and payment service providers (PSPs) are meeting the challenges of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and card payment security in UK enterprises.

Download White Paper

Whitepaper: Customer Engagement – The Future is Proactive

With 74% of customers using 3 or more channels to interact, often across devices, how can you provide experiences to drive conversions and loyalty? The answer is to anticipate intent, connect in real time, and engage customers throughout their journey.

Download White Paper

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Take Your Top Performers out for a Meal

fancy-meal-185Here is a great way to say thank you to your agents.
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Aspect Zipwire Oct 2014
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Aspect Zipwire Oct 2014

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