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Is Your Contact Centre in Need of a Re-Design?

Steve West looks at why so many UK operations are still behind the curve when it comes to advances in contact centre environment design. Read more...

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How to Personalise Customer Interactions

Here is some practical advice on how to personalise customer interactions in your contact centre. Read more...

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Sales Through Service: The Right Way to Up-sell in the Contact Centre

Martin Taylor highlights that up-selling need not be upsetting. Read more...

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Why Customer Hubs Accelerate Your Digital Agenda

Whatsup With Social Customer Service?

Amazon’s Destructive Culture Exposed – Or Not?

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80% in 20 Seconds? Think Again

8020image-185Research has shown that, despite the industry standard of 80% of calls being answered within 20 seconds, a significant number of contact centres are moving above that target. (Read more…)

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Next Webinars in the Series

webinar-registration-image-2-185Our Autumn 2015 webinar series will kick off on Thursday 10th September. Find out more about the topics and how you can register. (Read more…)

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Customer Contact Expo Announces Conference Line-Up

line-up-expo-185Customer Contact Expo has announced its conference programme for its 2015 event. (Read more…)

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Poll – KPIs for Social Customer Service

Response Time and Customer Satisfaction are the most popular KPIs for measuring social customer service.
(Read more…)

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Video Collaboration Announced

video-185Verint Systems has announced a collaboration to bring video to customer engagement centres. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Utility Company Expands Customer Channels

electricity-185A natural gas and electric utility company with nearly 700,000 customers has upgraded its contact centre capabilities with LiveOps. (Read more…)

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New Solution Personalises Customer Experience

personalise-185NewVoiceMedia has launched ContactWorld Quickstart for the SMB market. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Furnishings Store Decreases Planning Workload

furniture-185A furnishings store has achieved a 40% decrease in their planning workload since introducing WFM software from injixo. (Read more…)

Winners and Losers – September 2015

winners-losers-horse-september-185This month we bring you news from VoltDelta, NICE Systems and InVision. (Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: DMG 2014-2015 Speech Analytics Market Report

DMG Consulting evaluates the performance of the 7 leading contending vendors at a detailed level in this independent report and survey.

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White Paper: Guide to Channel Choice for Low Effort Customer Experience

Is there any logic to choosing channels, or is it just a case of providing an ever widening choice? Intelecom believes there is. This White Paper lays out a number of ways in which organisations can improve their channel strategy.

Download White Paper

White Paper: Speech Analytics

Speech analytics technology has been available for a number of years now, but there is still a reluctance to invest. Incorporating industry survey feedback, this White Paper addresses key contact centre concerns and how these can best be alleviated.

Download White Paper

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Get the Processes Right

prosesses-185Want to see a radical improvement in performance? Get the processes right. (Read more…)

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Business Systems 2 - 7 pitfalls
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Business Systems 2 - 7 pitfalls

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