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Why Queuing Isn’t Just About the Numbers

Dougie Cameron explains why we get it so wrong when it comes to the customer experience. Read more...

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Should Agents Be Allowed to Eat at Their Desks?

We asked our reader panel what they thought about agents eating at their desks. Here is what they said. Read more...

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What’s Next With… Workforce Management?

Our panel of experts look at how Workforce Management technology is expected to change over the next few months and years. Read more...

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Using the Subconscious Cues to Drive Customer Behavior Works

It’s a Small World After All

Rule 5: Understand How the Work Works

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Cartoon of the Month – Bleep It Out

(Read more…)

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Poll – Email Response Times

These two polls reveal some discrepancy between expectation and actual response time in the email channel.
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Don’t Get Caught Out by the Call Charge Changes

call-charges-185As of this week (1st July), companies using 0845 and similar numbers will have to declare their level of Service Charge. Use our handy reference table to find out what to do next. (Read more…)

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2 Minutes on… Quality Assurance Processes

quality-185Richard Beard takes a look at what could be missing from your quality assurance process. (Read more…)

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How to Embrace Mobile Customer Service

mobile-customer-service-185Chris Hall looks at how you should be responding to the impact of mass mobile usage on consumers’ customer service expectations. (Read more…)

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Next Webinars in the Series

next-webinars-intheseries-185The first three webinars in our Autumn 2015 series are now open for registration. (Read more…)

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40% of Agents Don’t Feel Empowered

empowered-185EvaluAgent has revealed that almost 40% of agents don’t feel empowered to resolve customer queries. (Read more…)

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9 Ways to Improve Your FCR Strategy

first-contact-the-image-185Here are some tips from Netcall on using First Contact Resolution (FCR) as a key performance indicator in your contact centre. (Read more…)

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New Features Boost Sales Performance

newvoicemedia-sales-185NewVoiceMedia has introduced new product features to its ContactWorld for Sales solution. (Read more…)

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Journey Monitoring Enables Proactive Experience

journey-mapping-185Jeff Thompson looks at how customer journey monitoring can help deliver a proactive customer experience. (Read more…)

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Real-Time Solution Migrates to the Cloud

cloud-move-185NICE Systems has migrated its Real-Time Activity Monitoring offering to the cloud. (Read more…)

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Multichannel Forecasting Meets Twitter Demand

twitter-185Paul Stitt explains why it might be time for you to invest in a WFM solution that will accurately forecast workload for all channels. (Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: Interaction Analytics at British Gas

This White Paper looks at how British Gas is using webchat analytics to drive sales revenue, mitigate compliance risk, and improve multi-chat rates – while increasing NetPromoter Score.

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eBook: Protect Your Contact Centre From Nuisance Call Complaints

There are six key reasons that people complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This eBook explores what they are – and what you can do to avoid them.

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White Paper: Contact Centre Metrics That Matter

This White Paper explores some of the emerging metrics that specifically acknowledge and address the changing attitudes, objectives and definition of the contemporary contact centre.

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Get Out and Visit Another Contact Centre

visit-185Educate yourself about what other contact centres are doing.
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