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4 Steps to Managing Absence

Gary Kinsella looks at how you can better manage absence in your contact centre. Read more...

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Team Building Game – Through the Key Hole

Here is a fun game to help your agents get to know each other better. Read more...

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Underneath the Bonnet of a Customer Hub

“Rub a Dub Dub” We’re in a Customer Hub

Improving Employee Experience With Better Results

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Poll – KPIs for Social Customer Service

Response Time and Customer Satisfaction are the most popular KPIs for measuring social customer service.
(Read more…)

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Want to Reduce AHT? Tell Agents to Ignore It

hide-from-aht-185Michelle Dinsmore explains why focusing on quality metrics will help drive down your Average Handling Time. (Read more…)

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Next Webinars in the Series

register-webinar2-185Our Autumn 2015 webinar series will kick off on Thursday 10th September. Find out more about the topics and how you can register. (Read more…)

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Agent Salaries Fail to Keep up With Inflation

money-185Agent salaries have failed to keep up with inflation since 2007, while contact centre management salaries have risen beyond inflation. (Read more…)

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Why Now Really Is the Time to Appoint a CXO

customer-experience-185Lucy Norris explains why the role of a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is more important than ever. (Read more…)

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5 Ways to Maintain Customer Satisfaction

customer-satisfaction-185David Ford explains how your contact centre needs to adapt to keep the modern customer satisfied. (Read more…)

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Could Your Contact Centre Survive a Tube Strike?

tube-strike-185Paul Dunne looks at the role of flexible working in maintaining productivity in the event of a tube strike or similarly disruptive event. (Read more…)

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mplsystems to Make 10th Expo Appearance

ten-185mplsystems will be exhibiting at the Customer Contact Expo for the 10th year in a row. (Read more…)

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Digital Channels Changing the Vendor Market

digital-disruption-185Stephen Wright looks at what the future might hold for communications vendors as voice becomes just one of multiple mediums. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Speech Analytics Enhances Performance

speech-performance-185Afni has experienced an increase in agent performance since introducing a CallMiner speech analytics solution. (Read more…)

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35% Find Work Away Days Boring

skydive-185More than one in three office workers in the UK have admitted to finding their work away days boring. (Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: Speech Analytics

Speech analytics technology has been available for a number of years now, but there is still a reluctance to invest. Incorporating industry survey feedback, this White Paper addresses key contact centre concerns and how these can best be alleviated.

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White Paper: 10 Tips on Migrating Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

Want to migrate your on-premise contact centre to the cloud, but don’t know where to start? This White Paper will help you to understand your options and make the right choices.

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White Paper: 10 Strategies for Reducing Customer Call Volumes

This White Paper looks at ways organisations can reduce the number of preventable calls and other live agent contacts they receive and drive up the number of contacts that provide true ‘customer value’.

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Your Team Has Its Own Chemistry

chemistry-185Your team has its own chemistry, and you are the alchemist that can pull it all together. (Read more…)

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