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8 Tricks to Get Your Sales Calls Answered

Gemma Harding presents some handy tips and tricks for keeping people interested during a sales call. Read more...

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10 Bites of Best Practice Advice

Lisa Binney reveals the best practice advice every contact centre should follow. Read more...

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How to Calculate Service Level

In this article we look at the best methods to measure and calculate service level. Read more...

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What Type of Boss Are You?

Taking a Deeper Look at Customer-Centricity: Is It all Goodness?

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Poll – Solving Problems on the Customer Journey

Would joining up with other departments help solve problems on the customer journey? 65% of our readers think so…


(Read more…)

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Are Small Contact Centres Really at a Disadvantage?

russiandolls-size-185Chris Dealy explores whether the challenges of running a small contact centre are any different from those of running a large one. (Read more…)

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Replay and Slides From Webinar: 20 Tips for Improving Average Handling Time

20150122-inin-webinar-newsletterA replay and slides are available from our webinar on Average Handling Time. Click here to view the replay. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Sky Improves Customer Experience

sky-genesys-185Sky has improved its customer experience with help from Genesys. (Read more…)

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Could Your Contact Centre Survive the Snow?

snowcar-185Susannah Richardson looks at the technologies that can help ensure business continuity during adverse weather conditions. (Read more…)

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Every Channel Meets a Different Need

syntec-customerchannels-185Colin Westlake looks at why customers are choosing different channels for different conversations. (Read more…)

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Case Study: Non-Profit Organisation Boosts Productivity

productivity-185WGHB has improved agent productivity and the customer experience with help from NewVoiceMedia. (Read more…)

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Agents Take Part in Canoe Challenge


Agents in Sunderland have joined the ‘Active Workplace Go Canoe Challenge’. (Read more…)

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White Papers


White Paper: 10 Golden Rules of Outbound Campaigns

Magnetic North have put together these key tips to help ensure your outbound operations achieve success. The right technology is essential but to get the most from this investment you also need to ensure your processes are hitting the mark.

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White Paper: The Truth About Diallers

This guide takes an honest, upfront look at four common misconceptions that surround the world of hosted diallers. From concerns about loss of control to the threat of dropped calls, which are noticed most frequently in businesses of all sizes.

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Jonty's Tips

Jonty's Tip: Why Do People Call You?

customer-call-185It’s a simple question. And I’m not just talking about the call reason codes that you put into your CRM system. (Read more…)

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