The Ultimate List of Positive Words, Phrases, and Sentences to Brighten Your Customer’s Day

Positive statement words including: smile, positive, thanks, pleasure, great, understanding, right, rapport,please,popular, certainly, understanding

Positive words have the power to convey kindness, uplift the tone of your advisors’ conversations, and really help to brighten your customer’s day.

Positive sentences can also help to strengthen your contact centre’s signature response and opening gambit, when used daily by all advisors.

The power of using great words is highlighted in this video from Sandra Thompson about the importance of being conscious about what you say to the customer:

Looking for some positive spiel to help brighten up your customer conversations? Here we have put together a list of positive words and phrases to help expand your advisors’ vocabulary.

Want some quick wins for adding positive sentences into your contact centre scripts? Here’s a printable sheet of positive words and phrases your teams can begin using today.

The Ultimate List of Positive Words for Customer Service

These uplifting words should win medals, as adding any one of them into a conversation has the potential to transform average customer service into great customer service.

Looking for another word for wonderful? Here are 25 positive language examples to try today:

The Top 25 Positive Words for Customer Service
# Positive Word # Positive Word # Positive Word
1 Definitely 10 Excellent 19 Brilliant
2 Absolutely 11 Enjoy 20 Exciting
3 Certainly 12 Splendid 21 Terrific
4 Exactly 13 Essential 22 Fascinating
5 Completely 14 Generous 23 Expert
6 Quickly 15 Recommend 24 Favourite
7 Fantastic 16 Friendly 25 Ideal
8 Great 17 Impressive
9 Marvellous 18 Interesting

Examples of Positive Words in Customer Service

Looking for more phrases of positivity to include in your agent scripts? We have put together some examples of phrases where you can see these positive words in action in customer service conversations:

  1. I will definitely make sure that it gets sorted…
  2. I absolutely agree with you…
  3. I can certainly help you…
  4. That is exactly right…
  5. I completely agree with you…
  6. I will quickly run through this with you…
  7. That is a fantastic way to look at it…
  8. Great news!
  9. Marvellous choice…
  10. That is an excellent suggestion…
  11. I hope you enjoy your…
  12. Splendid! All that is left to do now…
  13. Yes, it is essential that you do this today…
  14. That is a very generous offer…
  15. I can highly recommend
  16. Thanks, we try our best to provide a friendly service…
  17. That’s impressive, Mrs Smith…
  18. That it is an interesting idea…
  19. Brilliant! I’m glad I was able to sort that for you…
  20. Yes, it is an exciting and popular new service…
  21. I think that’s a terrific option…
  22. That is fascinating
  23. You certainly are an expert on this…
  24. That is personally my favourite option…
  25. It would be ideal, considering your situation…

Positive Words on Display in the Contact Centre

We received a great example from a contact centre in the Philippines of how they printed our lead image on their contact centre walls, as shown below:

Positive Words in a contact centre in the Philippines

Closer to home, we have also seen other contact centres do this. Neopost’s contact centre in Romford was one such contact centre, using some of our words on their contact centre walls, like so:

Positive Words in Neopost’s contact centre in Romford

The Top 25 Positive Phrases for Customer Service

“There are so many phrases that work well in customer service, but knowing when to use the best statements can be tricky,” writes Megan Jones, Editor at Call Centre Helper.

So, here we give 25 positive statement examples to use at specific parts of the call, with different options suggested for each.

Positive Sentences for Greeting the Customer

In our article, “The Best Customer Service Greeting Phrases – with Examples“, our readers found the following two greeting statements to be the most effective in “kicking off” a positive customer service interaction:

  1. “Welcome to [INSERT COMPANY NAME] Customer Service. My name is [INSERT NAME]. How can I help you?”
  2. “Good morning/afternoon! You’re through to [INSERT COMPANY NAME]. My name is [INSERT NAME]. How may I help you today?”

Positive Phrases When More Information Is Needed

Staying upbeat when needing more information from the customer is a valuable skill.

However, if an advisor struggles to do this, encourage them to ask basic questions of the customer, while scattering in some of the positive words discussed earlier.

For example, advisors could use the following positive phrases when more information is needed from the customer:

  1. “So, what I understand so far is… it would be great if you could tell me a bit more about…”
  2. “For me to… it would be brilliant if you could give me just a few more details on…”

Positive Phrases for Acknowledging the Customer

We have previously quizzed our readers on their favourite acknowledgement statements to improve customer-advisor interactions, in our article “The Top 12 Acknowledgement Statements for Customer Service”.

The top three positive phrases for acknowledging the customer are highlighted below:

  1. “I realize that this situation is difficult, but let’s try and find a solution.”
  2. “I would feel the same in your situation, but we will sort this out…”
  3. “I’m sorry you are having this problem. Let’s see if there is anything we can do to help the situation.”

Positive Phrases for Reassuring the Customer

Once the advisor has a good understanding of the customer’s problem, and has acknowledged their concerns, it is now important to reassure them. Positive wordplay can be key here.

Take a look at the following examples of how positive statements can be used to reassure the customer:

  1. “Thanks, it is great that you alerted us to this.”
  2. “You are absolutely correct. Let’s look into this.”
  3. “Definitely, I will make sure that this gets resolved for you.”

Positive Phrases When Giving Instructions

When giving out over-the-phone instructions, it is an advisor’s role to make the process as easy as possible.

So, it is good practice to try and weave the following positive statements into conversations, to help the customer get from A to B with a smile on their face.

  1. “All you need to do is to just…”
  2. “A simple way / method to change it will be to…”
  3. “As soon as you receive…”

Positive Phrases When Being Courteous

Courtesy and positive language go hand-in-hand, as we discussed in our article: “The Best Courtesy Words and Phrases to Use in Customer Service”. After all, old-fashioned courtesy is a must for any service or sales team.

So, advisors should ideally be using positive statements like those below:

  1. “Would you be happy for me to put you on hold for a minute or two, while I quickly retrieve your details?”
  2. “I will send over the link to the email address that we have on our system and, if you would like, I can go through the rest of the process with you.”

Using positive words to give compliments is another great way to be courteous. Find out more by reading our article: 50 Great Complimentary Words to Use in Customer Service

Positive Phrases For Building Rapport

Using positive small talk is great for rapport building.

Therefore, advisors could try dropping some of the following positive statements into the conversation during these moments.

  1. “What I’m doing for you now is…”
  2. “Don’t worry, I often make that mistake myself.”
  3. “How is the weather where you are today? Better than here, I hope!”

To find more examples like this, read our article: Best Tips, Phrases and Words to Use for Building Rapport

Positive Phrases for Handling Angry Customers

Advisors are often told to try to stay positive when interacting with an angry customer. However, that is much easier said than done, especially if the advisor is having to deal with such a caller for a long period of time.

So, the focus should instead be on getting the frustrated customer to change their mood. The positive phrases below could help to do this:

  1. “We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. I will be sure to pass on what you have told me to our managerial team…”
  2. “I recommend that you (INSERT ACTION), Mrs Smith, so that I can take further action without delay.”

Other phrases to use when speaking with an angry customer can be found in our article: The Right Words and Phrases to Say to an Angry Customer

Positive Phrases for Closing the Call

So, the advisor has successfully helped the customer to solve their query, given them a quick summary of the call and explained the next steps. All that is left to do is finish with a positive call-closing statement.

We’ve found some great examples of these in our article: “The Best Call-Closing Statements”, with two of them being showcased below:

  1. “Thanks for calling, and if you have any additional questions, please call us.”
  2. “Have a nice time in [INSERT PLACE NAME] on your holiday.”

Positive Phrases for Making a Sale

While dealing with a customer complaint, it may also be part of an advisor’s job to “sell-up” other areas of the business.

Here are some useful phrases to help an advisor seal the deal – taken from our tips for selling over the phone article:

  1. “We have a variety of…”
  2. “It’s a wonderful service where instead of…, you can…”
  3. “This is the best plan/scheme for you…”

Phrases to Avoid

There are also situations where using positive language is contradictory to how you are trying to make the customer feel – and should be avoided.

There are some good examples here, typically heard on IVRs or when an advisor needs to put a customer on hold:

  • Would you LIKE to continue to hold?
  • Your call is IMPORTANT to us
  • Your call MATTERS to us

They sadly come across as disingenuous when the contact centre isn’t delivering the high standards of service customers expect.


A-Z of Positive Words to Expand Your Vocabulary

Looking for other positive words? Here are even more good words for you to add into your positive call centre scripts, as well as handy definitions:

Word Definition Word Definition
Accessible friendly and amicable to talk with Proactive acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty or change
Approve officially agree to or accept as satisfactory Promising showing or having the possibility of achievement or excellence
Assure tell someone something positively to dispel any doubts Quick-witted mentally sharp, nimble and alert
Best surpassing all others in quality or excellence Quirky merry and unconventional
Clever possessing quickness of intellect Razor-sharp extremely sharp; quick-witted or very clever
Definite free from doubt Recommend worthy of praise or to be recommended
Delightful bringing pleasure Reliable trustworthy
Excellent of the finest or highest quality Remarkable worthy of notice or consideration
Fab extremely pleasing Resourceful having the ability to find clever and quick ways to overcome difficulties
Genuine authentic Respectable worthy of respect or high esteem
Goodhearted generous Sagacious acutely wise and insightful
Greatest highest in quality or size Savvy well-informed, perceptive or shrewd
Impeccable flawless Self-assured showing or having confidence and poise
Insightful having or showing insight Sensational exceptionally good
Inspiring encouraging Sincere genuine
Jolly full of good humour and merry spirits Snappy energetic
Keen intellectual quickness Stellar exceptional
Kind-hearted having a friendly and cheerful disposition Teeming productive
Knowledgeable intelligent Tender-hearted having a great sensibility and kindness
Legendary extremely popular Thoughtful demonstrating careful consideration or thought
Lovely full of love Thriving very profitable and lively
Magnificent splendid or elegant in appearance Timeless classic and always in style
Mindful attentive Tolerant tending to accept, allow, permit or understand something or the existence of something
Moving capable of arousing deep emotion Trailblazing innovative
Nifty very good Upstanding respectable
Noble showing or having qualities of high moral, rank or dignity Vibrant lively and bright
Obliging showing readiness to do favours to others Visionary one who has visions or positive ideas about the future
Observant paying close attention to details Vivacious animated and lively
Open-hearted kind and generous Warm kind and caring
Open-minded ready or receptive to new and different ideas Whimsical playful and amusing
Optimistic disposed to take the most favourable or hopeful view of the matter Wholehearted unconditional commitment
Orderly systematic Witty clever and funny
Outstanding prominent or noticeable of others of its kind Wizardly remarkable in performance, execution or design
Passionate having or showing powerful emotions Wondrous extraordinary
Patient calm during difficult situations Worldly very sophisticated
Peachy splendid Xenial hospitable to others
Peppy cheerful and vigorous Yay an expression of approval and excitement
Perceptive having or showing ability and keenness of perception Yes an affirmative answer or decision
Persevering constant in the execution of a purpose Zappy energetic and lively
Persistent refusing to give up Zealous having or exhibiting strong enthusiasm or passion

Have you discovered any other positive words and phrases that work for you?

Found this article useful? Why not also have a look at:

Author: Megan Jones
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 27th Jan 2023 - Last modified: 25th Jan 2024
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  • Because you are a valued client/customer

    Anonymous 19 Sep at 12:21
  • That’s a fantastic choice

    Ben 19 Sep at 15:17
  • Great !
    Fantastic !
    Perfect !
    Marvelous !
    Pretty well !

    Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us Mr./Ms _____

    Assuring you our best services Mr.Ms.___________. Have a great day ahead!

    anil dogara 17 Oct at 10:01
  • “Let’s have a look; I’ll not be a second”

    “And that’ll all be with you on …”

    But in response to above:

    “I will surely ensure that…” sounds as if you’re getting tangled up…

    and will either of you really be able to keep a straight face after “special customers like you”?

    Not Convinced 21 Nov at 01:33
  • Certainly.
    With pleasure.
    I’d be delightly to assist.
    Would you mind waiting?

    Kaj 26 Feb at 10:13
  • Words such as Great, Fantastic, Marvelous should be avoided as they produce an underlying psychology of exaggeration.

    Colly Graham 26 Feb at 12:25
  • Certainly, “sir/ma’am” I’d be happy to assist you with that today.

    Also for proper a hold pattern you could use:

    Do you mind holding 2-3 minutes while I research or process your request?

    This way you are askign the caller permission to hold, you are giving them a reason for the hold, and your providing them an attainable timeframe for the hold.

    Then when you return to the line:
    “Sir/Ma’am, thank you for holding I appreciate your patience.”
    This way you are acknowledging the imposition from the hold.

    I am a trainer in a call center for a Mutual Fund Company and we are using a 3rd party business (Dalbar, Inc.) and they monitor and score our customer service skills.

    Brian Pratt 13 Mar at 16:54
  • I particular hate sir/madam/ma’am – please use their name, this, in my opinion creates a barrier that really doesn’t need to be there.

    Agree with the comment about avoiding ‘great, fabulous, marvellous’ – just too much!

    Speak to your customer like you would want to be spoken to and always tell them what you can do for them, not waht you can’t. Always try to offer as an alternative option where appropriate.

    Many of our customers prefer to do/use……
    What other customers have done/tried in your position is…..
    Let’s look at this (very arm around and sorting it together)

    Marie Rowney 16 Apr at 11:30
  • P.S.

    I would steer away from definitely – unless you can really and absolutely, definitely do it……..

    Marie Rowney 16 Apr at 11:31
  • P.S. again

    commenting on Ben’s comment

    “That’s one our most popular choices” – rather than fantastic

    Marie Rowney 16 Apr at 11:34
  • We understand the value of your time.

    Alex Brown 27 Apr at 18:51
  • need advice

    in a situation where the customer is facing dificulties due to company’s fault and no solution .what am i to do?how am i suppose talk my self out of it as call agent

    prasanjith 12 Jul at 16:55
  • Sounds very familiar…

    What we need to do is basically listen to the customer, apologies for the great inconveniences, use all positive words & finally assure the customer that YOU will personally take this matter up (give your name & employee no.) & tell the customer you will call him back before the days end to update on his case status. Then you do just that & do call the customer back even if you do not have an immediate resolution as any human being, the customer will eventually cool down & reliaze that you are sincere in helping them out. Remember…a contact center is a huge sponge…we absorb all other departments short comings…the key is are we feeding back this crucial information to the relevant department else we might be running out of those positive words…;)

    Adre 9 Aug at 09:02
  • This is a very popular item.
    Reinforce benefits of product, by using word phrases such as that. “that color is very pretty” “we have had alot of positive feedback on that item”

    On a not about an upset customer:
    Feel, Felt, Found process is a very helpful on, as well as the note about getting information and make sure you are the one to follow up with the customer. There is nothing more exasperation from a customers point of view, then having to repeat the whole story again and again. Take inituative in the call and make sure the customer knows your name to refer back to.

    Danyelle 29 Sep at 17:11
  • I have found some truly amazing things on this site and so glad Google brought it up as first choice.
    I do have some feedback that may help some people from a course I went on with my company recently (Which I loved)

    Just think of a few words and what they mean to you… The easiest way to do this is in a quiet room and with your eyes shut

    If I mention the word WAIT to you… What file does the little man in your head go and pull out? What do you associate with wait? (Mine is waiting in a queue)
    It doesn’t matter how friendly or polite you are, we need to re phrase the words we use..

    If you can just wait on the line whilst I check that information for you..
    I have that information here for you now, I will just get it for you

    When you hear the word SORRY….

    Sorry to keep you holding / waiting… (Must be something to be sorry about)
    Thank you for staying on the line



    PLEASURE …. Amazing how many of you will smile when you think of what this word means!

    Well it’s been a please reading and sharing

    Lyndsey 28 Oct at 19:25
  • Customer NOT ALWAYS Right
    But Customer ALWAY IMPORTANT.

    adhmie 29 Dec at 17:25
  • Yes,there are sometimes when the cust does´nt have reason but just remember they are paying 4 a service and they feel frustated when there are problems so the best way to speak with a cust is do your best … and not just using the phrase ill do my best… so just do it…stop and put yourself in their respectful and friendly but not such a machine.. as u really want to help…SOMETHIN´IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER IS PEOPLE IS 4 U WORK FOR…IF U DO SOMETHIN´DO IT AS BETTER AS U CAN


    Elizabeth 23 Jan at 02:27
  • Daryl:Thank you for calling___________,my name is Daryl,I’m your customer service representative for today,how may I help you?
    Customer: I have problem with my Internet Service, my internet connection is very slow. I’m paying much for this service and yet I’m not satisfied with it.
    Daryl: (Empathy)I do understand that its been very inconvenient in your situation right now that your Internet service is giving you a slow internet connection. If I’m on your situation, I would feel the same way too. Don’t worry Mr.Customer, (Willingness to help the customer)I can definitely handle this problem for you.

    Emphathy is the most essential part of a call. It cools down a customer frustration.

    FROM: Daryl Hall

    Daryl Hall 25 Feb at 06:48
  • I agree with the comment above that some words such as ‘great’, ‘brilliant’ etc, can sound completely over the top, leading to a loss of confidence in your sincerity.

    Mark Carter 12 Mar at 11:35
  • What if customer asks a question we don’t have answer for. Let’s suppose our supervisor isn’t present on the floor too?

    Please advise.

    Majid 24 Mar at 10:09
  • [ What if customer asks a question we don’t have answer for. Let’s suppose our supervisor isn’t present on the floor too? ]

    You may consider using a line to the effect of: “Due the (technical nature / sensitivity / nature) of the information I am unable to provide the information you are requesting, but I do know who can. With your permission I could give your contact information to my (supervisor / manager) and when he/she returns to the office (tomorrow / in an hour / Monday) he/she will give you a call as soon as convienient to answer your question.”

    Typically, unless urgent, the caller will decline due to the sense of hassle and will be pacified. If the customer agrees, you must make sure you get the info to the appropriate superior and that they understand what information you and the customer discussed. Give your name and rep ID (only as allowed by company policy) to bestow a feeling of trust and commitment on your part to ease the callers agreement to wait for an answer.

    Jacqaeous 24 Mar at 19:10
  • How can I handle an angry and frustrated customer and swears a lot?

    ArveenDMartian 6 Apr at 15:36
  • Angry and frustrated customers should be heard out, empathy statement ;and follow script as normal while ignoring the cussing, unless offending you where you can suggest that he calls back after calming down, where he could control his language, *1st wrning and 2nd warning- if he doesnt agree to call back, Sir, mr./ms.I understand that you are upset, yet I will have to end this call if you continue to use that language.

    CHRISTINA 2 May at 11:55
  • Some excellent comments, thanks guys helped out alot!!

    Lizzy 16 Jun at 03:17
  • Do you work in customer services? The customer is NOT always right.

    Actually the customer is always right as they are the ones with the problem. The misconception is that they often are incorrect about the best solution and that’s where you come in to assure them.

    Scott 28 Jun at 04:56
  • Just wanted to make a note on the back of several references to the use of sir/madam (even ma’am at one point which sounds like a sheep). These terms are so impersonal and do not treat the customer as an individual. Plus sir is someone who has been knighted by the queen and a madam is someone who runs a brothel!!

    chris 23 Aug at 15:20
  • Customer is the BOSS. If you talk with an irate customer, don’t take it personally. They were just angry on the service not with you. It’s just happen that you were the one they talk to. Just accept the responsibility and prepare to help.

    Myla Mae 9 Nov at 18:38
  • speak what you want to tell your customer

    gd 9 Dec at 04:53
  • Customers need to feel validated with there concerns. First and foremost – acknowledgement should be made – re-instate their issues back to them to validate their concerns as well as verify to them that they do have your complete attention. Second – let them vent – It’s not personal – they have an issue with either a product or the company itself- not you- Explain that you can empathize with the customer. If abrupt and offending language occurs then a low even tone should be used to take back control of the call.
    I usually offer an apology – then advised that I am here to offer assistance to find an efficient effective resolution to your concerns, however I will not be verbally abused. We need to work together inorder for me to better assist you find the outcome you desire. If this language continues, I will be forced to disconnect the call, which will unfortunately, not give you the immediate resolution you seek.

    In all the 10 years of working in a call center – this works very well.

    Positive words or not- Treat the customer as if they are always correct.. this will ensure the customer comes back.

    10 year call center agent 23 Dec at 17:10
  • it’s not true that CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT…many of them are very demanding, abusive specially for a call center agent. i can definitely feel what they are going through specially if it’s the company’s fault. racist customers. if they weren’t able to get what they want instantly they’ll say all neagtive things in the world and blame you.

    rielle 10 Jan at 16:48
  • let it be customer service, collections or sales the very important hing in each n every call is customer service. without that in ur call, consider tht u r missing many things on tht call..

    murali 12 Jan at 05:38
  • while speaking to customer the agent should have a normal rate of speech.
    if customer is old then the agents hasve to be very slow and clear so tht he/she doesn’t have to repeat themselves. this will also assure a low talk time which is considered as AHT( average handle time).

    murali 12 Jan at 05:45
  • I want you to know I am taking this call to help you and am paid just for that – helping you! Rest assured I’l be your partner on this issue

    Anonymous 20 Jan at 18:51
  • re: [Words such as Fantastic, Great, Marvelous are positive words and are definately appropriate during a telephone conversation. They help the agent to sound upbeat and interested in helping the customer]

    I have an agent who repeats the word Wonderful several times over in a call. The caller commented that they felt they were back in 3rd grade. Unfortunately, the agent over-uses the word and it does start to come across a bit fake.

    Sandra 20 Jan at 20:01
  • “Is ther anything else I can help you with?”

    Though not appropriate at all times, this one sentence at the end of the call leaves the essential ‘last lasting impression’ among the customers. Further, many sales calls could be led to a second sale or discussion on a possible sale in future.

    Also, while listening to a rude customer I have found it to be useful for me to draw some patterns on a paper. This has provided me with much needed patience to listen to the long, unpleasant conversation.

    Biju Jose 23 Jan at 18:18
  • the customer is the most important person in the company….they inadvertidly pay your wages so be respectful and helpful.

    trgy 3 Feb at 15:11
  • customers are not always right but proving them wrong is always wrong…

    caren 15 Feb at 03:29
  • If you use a higher piched voice, it sounds more positive, and it will get a great reaction.

    Kevin Kennedy 16 Feb at 06:28
  • My goodness!! Many CS advisors on here who have been bitten once or twice by ‘the customer is always right’ eh?

    A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
    He is not dependant on us. We are dependant on him.
    He is not an interruption in our work – he is the purpose of it.
    We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

    Mahatma Ghandi

    Back to positive words and phrases, I feel the most important part of positivity/positive language is the sincerity of the words being used.

    Fantastic is a very positive word. But used in a monotone loses all positivity and impact. How many times have you received a ‘cold call’ where the advisor asks ‘How are you today?’ and then rattles straight into the rest of their script without even responding to or taking in your responce?

    I feel positive words must be used naturally and sincerly.


    CB 24 Feb at 17:05
  • I would like to offer the following as a Contact Centre Manager with a great team……

    We shouldn’t say “I know how you feel”. The fact is we don’t know how they feel, that doesn’t mean however that we aren’t compassionate (in the appropriate way) and sympathetic to their issue or complaint.

    I think positive words can be a good and useful tool but I agree that they shouldn’t be over used, As a customer care manager it’s our responsibilty to train our team on appropriate words and when to use them.

    ‘The Customer is always right’. I would say not always but part of our skill as customer care advisors is resolving the situation to acheive a win win without pointing out to the customer directly that they may be incorrect. The is also which is more often than not, that the customer is actually right, it’s important in these instances to acknowledge the customers misgivings but not always directly admit liabilty. Particularly if you are a 3rd party/outsourced call centre. Whatever you say is reflected on the Brand/Client.

    I’ve found this thread helpful and there’s some great points on here!

    Thanks Everyone!


    L 1 Mar at 22:25
  • Thanks, the information was useful.

    K.S.Ramgopal 13 Mar at 20:56
  • The customer is not always right, but they are always first. They should be treated as such.

    If you don’t believe that’s true in this industry, then you probably shouldn’t be working in it.

    RJ 14 Mar at 16:13
  • To use empathy, you need to stay away from the word, “understand.” Many times I’ve heard customers yell because we don’t understand. We may have been in their shoes, but no two situations are the same.

    The best way to help calm a customer down from an extreme emotional high (positive or negative), is to appropriately use empathy. Not sympathy.

    Empathy is feeling plus contact.

    Feeling = It certainly is frustrating when…
    Content = your cable is not working and you are not able to see your favorite show.

    Feeling = How exciting it is…
    Content = when you are purchasing your new home!

    (You can have content first and then feeling, try mixing it up a bit so you don’t sound like a machine)

    Stop there! Don’t move onto resolution until the customer is ready. If you still feel emotions are high, let them vent and use another 1, 2, or maybe even 3 empathy statements.

    What you have for a resolution will not be considered if the customer’s emotions are running high.

    Hope this helps someone out there!

    L. Marie 16 Mar at 23:06
  • Thanks you friends, This info was of great help..:)

    aditya 6 Apr at 06:17
  • I dont know if this has already been covered but ill ask the question anyway. I work for a breakdown organisation I basically take the breakdown information off the customer. When I ask the relevant questions and the customer replys I say, “yea, yea, yea, yea, no problem” I want the customer know that I am listening its my verbal nod. The problem is that when I listen to my calls it sounds awful. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I could say. Please dont suggest fantastic or wonderful they are not appropriate in our world. We are not Customer Service as such.


    jessica 12 Apr at 10:59
  • I may not be that long in the industry but hoping this will help…

    after you’ve recognized the problem and empathized, set member’s expectation and goal…do not give false information nor lie just to escape from the irate member…

    alright…going back on settings of goals…let me cite an example

    “Alright Mr. _____, just to set your expectation…we may or may not resolve the issue over the phone and we may end up sending a tech to fully restore your service..yet, i guarantee that you and i are going to work together in resolving this issue while we are still on the phone..Let’s start with setting a goal to make sure we’re on the same page…blah blah..”

    exhaust all that u can do over the phone…but…
    weigh things..check if member is still willing to do the steps.. respect member’s time…don’t waste energy…if you are following a call flow, create ur own specific and give concise instruction…do not use flowering words much…
    they don’t…

    now…let’s think that issue is resolve..go back on ur goal…say “Wow…that’s so great Mr. _____..We did over the phone…we don’t have to send a tech…We did it together…this is indeed teamwork…Now that ut issue is resolved, i hope that made u happy…for that made me happy…”

    Shelly 21 Apr at 12:14
  • Thanks for the comments people. I’ve Learned many things from this thread and I hopefully learn many more things from here in future.

    I am working in customer support but my process is chat.I would like to know some more good phrases to be used while handling customers. I am new to customer service so, It would be really great help for me.

    Thank you all for the Helpful comments.

    Ash 29 Apr at 14:54
  • thanks so much, this has upgraded my skills

    Anonymous 30 Apr at 21:24
  • This has been a helpful read. thanks alot

    bida 7 Jun at 08:14
  • Thanks for sharing these information. It was really helpful…..

    hari 11 Jun at 02:18
  • Thanks for the wonderful information guys. I just want to ask, what if a caller wants to talk to your superior immediately without saying any valid reason? What would be a good way to answer to that situation? Thanks!

    joy 20 Jun at 16:24
  • What if the customer is insisting for something that you dont have?

    B 4 Jul at 22:51
  • thank’s it helps me a lot,.

    jhet 31 Aug at 03:11
  • Gosh….it’s great to see that what we say to our customers excites such a response from so many people, and I guess that is where the key is…individualism and our personal view of language, the world and how we are within that world.

    It’s the same for our customers, who are all unique people with unique needs and unique understandings of the world – and that is, perhaps, what we all need to pick up on. “The customer is always right”, “the customer is not always right” – I guess it doesn’t matter as each customer has a right to their opinion whether they are right or wrong, and our job is to understand that opinion without discounting them or necessarily agreeing with them and use it within our response.

    Our skills as frontline customer agents whether delivering service or sales, need to focus on truly listening, understanding and adapting to their uniqueness in oredr to then deliver (or not if appropriate) a relevant solution.

    We adapt and change as people almost daily in our own lives to differing sets of people around us; loved ones, children, mates, colleagues, parents and we use a different approach, a different language to each of those sets – so perhaps we need to tap into the inherent skills we have and let them loose in a Customer Experience environment, trusting to the fact that as adults we generally enjoy the wonder of relationships, building them, managing them, developing them, whether for 2 minutes on the phone or for life with our loved ones. We enjoy adapting our language to suit – whether emotionally intense like “fantastic” or friendly or formal, polite or jovial…..we change to suit, to fit in, to make someone else feel comfortable – so perhaps we should be trusted on the frontline to deliver what we believe is right for that unique customer and not to ‘tar every customer with the same language brush’.

    Ben White 5 Sep at 14:05
  • this thread is very interesting and helpful. thanks. 🙂

    dvg 16 Sep at 04:53
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    nice work guys.,.,.

    phat 21 Sep at 13:25
  • thank you sooo much!….

    marsh 22 Sep at 23:34
  • very helpful

    vinod 12 Oct at 12:12
  • Very helpful for front line technical supports agents like me.. We usually deal with a lot of angry and frustrated customer so all the statements posted here are amazing

    Grace 14 Oct at 18:52
  • Just say “I Love You customer” and they will surely be glad with the service and won’t ever call again because of over satisfaction

    george 26 Oct at 14:42
  • Anything for you,Though it is to forget you.

    Sahil 7 Nov at 22:26
  • that’s great…

    sachin 18 Nov at 12:10
  • How can you offer a survey at the end of the call when the customer is in a hurry? positive script? with a 2 question survey….

    Jboq 23 Nov at 11:21

    SR CUSTOMER SERVICE REP 20 Jan at 03:50
  • We appreciate the opportunity to assit you. I appericiate your patience on this. Please let me know if I can provide any other additional support.

    Anonymous 27 Jan at 05:38
  • when transferring a cust to M&T.i normally advice the cust that they are a specialised dept.who deal with all aspects of movers issues.this works quite well if a cust has been transferred thro to us at cust rel.then i have to pass them on.

    carol thulbourne 14 Feb at 13:03
  • When a customer immediately asks for a supervisor, the best response is…. Sure I can help you with that, in order to ensure that I get you to the best person to be able to handle your call, can you please tell me what your issue is?… After hearing the issue or concern, if I am able to assist the caller, I let them know…. Ok, well actually I can help you take care of that today, I just need your name etc. so I can take a look at your account… I also mention…if however we do need to have a supervisor help us, I will be happy to discuss your issue/concern with them and make sure that we get that taken care of. Generally they will allow you to assist. Also, by saying “we” and “us” and “I” it helps the customer feel that you are taking ownership of the situation. This is a great article…. Great responses.

    Anonymous 16 Feb at 07:43
  • Great points on this site, thanks. Im just about to embark on some telesales for my own company and dont have much experience. Now I have a good place to start and much to work on! Happy selling all!

    Carla Koala 28 Feb at 13:28
  • This thread helped me a lot..Thanks for your insights guys!!!

    Vitzy Bee 2 Mar at 01:31
  • Very interesting opinions here. I agree with the “feel, felt, found” approach. It seems to conver all grounds, UNDERSTANDING how your customer feels (which is so important), RELATING to how they feel (felt) and offering a solution (found).


    Anonymous 7 Mar at 18:22
  • ALL the ABOVE information are just great! Thank you.
    24/7 Customer.

    Anonymous 22 Mar at 22:31
  • Why is my payment being held for so long?

    Mr. / Ms. _______, that’s a good question and I know it can be frustrating to have your available credit held. I expect the hold may be released on ______, and that is based strictly on how long we estimate that it will take to receive the funds from your bank.

    Nanao Tangkhul 22 Mar at 22:35
  • One of the very few posts where all the participants have made sense n added value lol!


    John 28 Mar at 08:24
  • All the posts here are really helpful. I can practice it…thanks guys!!!

    Yuri 7 Apr at 16:31
  • Very helpful. , .thanx alot guys 🙂

    Niks 6 May at 10:03
    -you do not have to call back! We have an amazing site called *****.com that I believe to be more convenient than calling in, PLUS same shipping!

    Mirror the customer to an extent

    Point out the benefits for the company when a customer has to take a survey at the end of the call: This is the best plan for your requirements….
    For special customers like you……
    Great news! You will ONLY be charged….

    and POWER WORS really do help, plus smiling when talking!

    Maria M 7 May at 03:50
  • Learned a lot, Thanks.

    I’m trying to crossover from phone to chat support. Is there a list that i could use for chat and a more candid words? Thanks again.

    drew 16 May at 23:31
  • these comments really helped me a lot 🙂

    cet 17 May at 07:16

    charize 17 May at 20:18
  • An advice to each and every Call center agent my friends:
    Forget what happened previous. [Previous Customer Experience].
    Concentrate on what is happening and what will happen with your responses and reply. [Impress customer with your current service].

    This will make you to feel proud…!

    Santhosh C V 24 May at 11:51
  • We at ABC company take needs of each customers seriously and ensure that we earn your goodwill. Understanding your concern I’m happy to let you know that I’ve gone ahead and waived the late fee in your account. it’ll be credited back to your available credit.
    I greatly apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please accept our sincere apologies.
    Kindly allow me a minute or two to review your account and get back to you.
    Thank you for being a great customer. We value your relationship.
    I would be more than happy to look into your account to see why your account is restricted and guide you for the responsible team with their contact number.
    thank you for being pleasure to talk with. I appreciate your time and patience. have a wonderful day.

    Praveen Bangalore 27 May at 00:01
  • I agree that customers are not always right. However, we can’t handle each and every customer with a doubt. That would create a negative impact and customer would hung up. We need to believe what the customer says and we need to proceed with empathizing with the issue. If we don’t believe customers word and customer will certainly say that we are not helping them.

    In some cases, we need to handle issues that fall under company policies. We need to be too smart to say no to the customers. We need extra soft skills to say no gently to the customers at this point.

    In customer service, the points below would help to earn WOW customers:

    Understand(Both issue and emotion)
    Exceed customer’s expectation

    Kandan Sriramulu 28 May at 20:25
  • I am a coach at a call center and we are trying to come up with different to present when we are unable to reverse a late fee for a customer. We are trying to come up with phrases that do not use the words “can’t” “unable” “won’t etc. We want to present this in positive way. Anyone have Ideas for me? I have created one to help relate to the customers and still present it in a positive way. I am looking for other ideas.

    Here is what I currently use “I understand you are calling in today in regards to the late fee on your account , I have been in the same situation before so I understand how you exactly feel. At this time the late fee will remain on the account but what we can do is provide you with different methods to prevent this from occurring in the future (then provide options) (You have to use the right tone when relaying this to customers)

    I am looking to hear others ideas in what they may use in the call centers

    jordan 8 Jun at 03:00
  • I am learning a lot from this thread. I just want to ask for this certain situation.

    How about if you would need to transfer a call? What’s the best way to say this? or How are you going to relate to the customer wherein they will not get angry?

    Thanks and more power!

    tiny 11 Jun at 02:03
  • Tiny–
    If at all possible conf in the client. Don’t transfer. Customers when “polled” say that they build up more frustration from being transferred and having to repeat the problem then ANY other one thing.

    What we do at our company is “Mr. Jones _empathy_ I unfortunately can not answer that question or resolve that concern, however I am not going to transfer you anywhere either. I am going to conf you with the department that can.” Before I do, what is your number just in case we get disconnected I personally will call you back.”

    Once you have them Conf with the correct person. Simply excuse yourself from the call and move on to the next one.

    Owner 19 Jul at 19:32
  • when there is no other solution or alternative options for the customer I say: “If I would have the possibility to do it I will do it right away, trust me, but… it’s out of my hands…” so the customer understands that we are trying our best to solve their concern(s)/request(s)…

    Brianna 21 Jul at 13:50
  • This is the BEST webpage I have come across.
    So I am glad I came across this. Do you know how hard it was to find this “GEM:? Very hard!!
    Thanks so much to EVERYONE…

    CARMEN M LUCZAK 27 Jul at 01:33
    One good suggestion you have to have a good tone together with the phrases IT WILL ABSOLUTELY WORK 😉 Thanks guys!

    chllybee 2 Aug at 22:02
  • This a great site,with so many useful advice. I am a rookie when it comes to CS and I would really need any advice you have.I work on chat, CS for an online casino, we also have to sell promotions, so this is really new for me. Is there anyone that can tell me something about this, how to relate with customer, beside the caring part, how do I present the offer without abuse words such as Wonderful, Fantastic etc, also because I see that my colleagues use this words a lot so I am trying to be a little differnt. Anyway and Advice you have is well received.Thanks a lot!

    Marika 5 Aug at 20:35
  • This is Incredible! Imagine all these people who share their knowledge not just to showcase their knowledge and how good or great they are but the willingness to help other especially like us who seeks for this. You guys are amazing! Thanks for the help! 🙂

    Den 3 Oct at 12:58
  • Sample Lead-Ins to Put a Caller On Hold
    • “Mr. Smith, can you please hold while I retrieve your file?” {pause for a response} “Thank you. I will be back in a minute.” {caller on hold} “Thank you for holding Mr. Smith. I can now help you…”
    • “Ms. Jones, I will check to see if Mr. Johnson is available to take your call. Can you please for a minute?” {pause for a response} “Thank you. I will be right back.” {caller on hold} “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Mr. Johnson is not available right now. May I have him call you back?”

    jaNELE 11 Nov at 04:25
  • Hi thank you for all your comments…it helps a lot..Now Showing some loyalty statements to the customer let´s say that the customer is not upset and during the call you could handled a good call but at the end of the call you say a loyalty phrase such as “Mr.jones we appreciate a lot the time you have been with the company and we thank you for the opportunity you gave us to provide you our services, we hope we can serve you for many more years”…customer was thankful and he said -“I appreciate a lot you beautiful words but I have been about to leave the company because of xx issue with the service..I’m just waiting for contract expiration to go”…I would like to see some comments about loyalty phrases and any way to say them…and what to say if a customer say something like my customer said.
    Waiting for answers..
    Thank you all.

    Frey R. 12 Nov at 00:34
  • Certainly this page helps me a lot, I am a call agent for tech support and customer service too… good thing google put this on 1-1 page/options… thanks against for the creator and contributors certainly i will recommend this site to my colleagues…

    Arnel Agravante 12 Nov at 05:23
  • I’m a team leader at a car insurance company & this thread has been brilliant! I’m currently working on a project to upskill our agents & this has been so useful so thanks to everyone who has posted!

    Jane 15 Nov at 21:12
  • i love this site! very helpful to me. more scripts on how you empathize, please.

    chad 22 Nov at 08:43
  • This info helps a lot

    praveen 13 Dec at 20:09
  • Can anyone Help me with following “inbound Call Handling Phrases for Appointment Setting”, if there’s any mistake?


    Thanks for Calling ABC Air Conditioning how may i help you ?
    If someone says that he’s looking for an air conditioner.
    Reply: OK sir, what we can do we can send our home comfort advisor at your doorstep, he will give you the estimate for that
    and this appointment would be free of cost.
    So can i have your name please?
    and your contact number is?
    Do you have any alternative number?
    And your address?
    is this a town house or a single one?
    and you are looking for an Air Condition Right ? (Good)
    How old is your house?
    and the age of your existing air conditioner?
    may I know the size of your house?
    OK sir which date and time is convenient for you?
    Let me check my database, please be online.
    OK sir we can visit on Between . is that convenient for you?

    Muhammad Zahid 27 Dec at 19:06
  • I learned a lot. Thank you people. 🙂

    Hugo 29 Dec at 16:03
  • thanks a lot.. it is helpful for me because i am working as customer support in call centre

    roy peterson 24 Jan at 14:26
  • i really love this site.. thanks a lot guys..

    sharie 28 Feb at 11:16
  • This proves that 2 brains are better than one. Thank you so much! Cheers!

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  • this site is cool. thanks for the good stuff. this will help hone my client service skills

    Anonymous 1 Apr at 01:39
  • its very helpful! thank you for having this…

    Maxene 14 Apr at 01:50
  • “Customer Is Always First”

    Jaja 26 May at 23:00
  • I understand your frustration but please be reminded that you’re already disclosed on it and the thing you wish is not possible.

    King 12 Jun at 23:38
  • Guys, whats a more positive way of saying “As much as I would like to help you….”


    Mary 11 Jul at 08:31
  • I am a call center newbie and this helped a lot. Thank you very much.

    Mhae 11 Jul at 10:24
  • Customer Is Always First”

    billu 31 Aug at 05:18
  • I learned a lot. Thank you people

    pappi 31 Aug at 05:19
  • I feel positive words must be used naturally and sincerly.

    likitha 31 Aug at 05:20
  • What is the best spiel for csat without saying the word “satisfaction” to caller?

    Blair 2 Sep at 10:47
  • When asked, “how are you doing?” never just say ‘good’ that is boring and almost expected. Instead, get creative with it, use these different words(with a smile of course)-

    Svetlana Vlasyuk 12 Oct at 19:35
  • What call centers and telemarketers in general really have to address is the predatory practices that they utilize to gain their ends in business. There is such a thing as good business practice, such as calling during business hours, not 8am on a Sunday morning. These practices are unethical and rude.

    concerned 25 Oct at 14:09
  • 1. Definitely
    2. Surely
    3. Absolutely
    4. Certainly
    5. Fantastic

    with my little experience in the call center industry, the use of positive words are very important. the concern here however is, knowing when, where and how to use them.
    for me, knowing your caller is very important.i.e if the caller is an intellect or an average person. for an intellect, the words above may be an exaggeration but to an average person it will be appropriate.

    musah osumanu 31 Oct at 16:59
  • I appreciate you patiently waiting. I’m currently looking up the information so that I can provide you with the best option. I want to make sure that I am able to provide you with an accurate answer.


    Stitch 14 Nov at 16:56
  • It is really very helpful and it will definitely make the customer feel special

    Adarsh 5 Dec at 04:21
  • Sorry to hear about that. Is that an empathy statement or apology?

    Vasanth 9 Jan at 21:33
  • it was great conversation which i came through and help me a lot. thanks guys

    rbn 29 Jan at 19:31
  • Hello, everyone.

    I work as a customer service representative for a bank.
    I want to excell my performance in assisting our clients.
    I am not good at suggesting things to someone. I want to learn something from everyone.
    If you could teach me some words and sentences to use while assisting our clients, that would be great.
    That’s for chat support.
    Thank you all. Have a nice day.

    Vernon 29 Jan at 19:40
  • Welcome to xxx chat support. My name is Vernon. How may I assist you today?

    Hello, xxx. A very good morning to you!

    It’s a pleasure to have you onchat today.

    May I place your chat on hold for a minute to check this for you?

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Your satisfaction is our first and the top priority. Have I completely resolved/answered all your queries/questions today?

    You are most welcome. It’s my pleasure assisting our clients.

    we appreciate your business with us.

    Xxx ,if you’re happy with my efforts to assist you, end this chat session and take a brief survey based on my assistance.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime round the clock.

    Have a pleasant day.

    These are the sentences we use for most of the clients. We may change these depending on the client’s response and query.

    Vernon 29 Jan at 19:59
  • Hi! everyone,I need your help on how am I going to explain to existing customer’s who are asking to take advantage of marketing promotions that are offered for new sign up customer’s?

    may 11 Mar at 22:08
  • Hello all, I have read all of your helpful comments and suggestions. learned a lot! Thank you all 🙂

    DHARANI 13 Mar at 09:45
  • this site helps me alot.. while i’m actually having my training right now. and i am on internet service acct. and we need positive scripting when delivering badnews. so can you help me with this.. for example, when you have to tell the customer that their account was transfered to the collections because they didnt pay their bills on the right time. please help me with this. asap response please.

    vhie 28 Mar at 23:37
  • excellent points very helfpful

    khan 9 Apr at 02:51
  • thanka guys! Everythings wre great

    berkay 24 Apr at 10:32
  • Hi my friends ill be working as a customer service represantative in airlines company.. would anyone write me a phrases for that ?

    berkay 24 Apr at 10:38
  • Can someone help me with a spiel for down time.
    Like for
    • System Down\ Tools Down
    • Site is currently experiencing an emergency ( earthquake, fire etc.


    Jem 29 Apr at 22:06
  • We work with the same customers over and over again. Sometimes we can find it frustrating to stay professional because we do know our customers so well (even personally). Are there some helpful hints/websites to assist with this type of customer service? Most everything I find is for random callers with no relationship.

    Thank you.

    Dee 1 Jun at 18:27
  • Treat every single Customer, as if he/she signs your paycheck, coz they really do………….!!

    Srinivas 17 Jun at 03:25
  • I hope it will be helpful.. just want to share something..

    When you are talking to your customer, of course there are five forbidden phrases:
    1. Don’t say the word…”I DONT KNOW”
    2.) Dont say the word “we can’t do that.”
    3.) Dont say NO to your client.
    4.) If you are getting in a situation that you can’t really handle, dont’t say negative responses to the customer. It should be always POSITIVE and DIRECT TO THE point and well organized.
    5.) Don’t say ” JUST A SECOND” .. you have to say something positive again just to make sure that your customer will not really offend.

    RyeowookKim_TiffanyHwang 3 Jul at 17:49

    JENNIFER 11 Jul at 05:58
  • Handling every call is like riding on a bike we need to be balance..PATIENCE is ALWAYS A VIRTUE!

    JERRY 31 Jul at 03:00
  • I appreciate your efforts and willingness to help your buyer to resolve this issue.
    I can realize the situation and truly regret for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    It must be distressing for you not to receive the item on time.

    Pavan 14 Aug at 02:30
  • thank you. that was very helpful

    edyta 17 Aug at 15:33
  • Putting the customer first and delivering service with a smile is an important part of a positive customer experience.

    Sam Walker 15 Sep at 14:51
  • There are some interesting points here – and the use of positive language does have a really vital point to play in customer communications.

    However I can’t help feeling that some of the phrasing and words recommended here aren’t appropriate for everyday conversations.

    In particular the use of the word ‘surely’ simply wouldn’t sit right with most callers – who wouldn’t use (or be used to hearing) the word ‘surely’ in the context of ‘You will surely be able to enjoy…’.

    There are other words and phrases that would sound more natural and less bossy. For example ‘I’m hoping you’ll really enjoy…’.

    Never tell the customer what they should be thinking or feeling – just point them in the right direction to get there…

    Suzanna Hyatt 16 Sep at 12:02
  • Oh yes, your choice of words can make a huge difference. A customer might just get turned off and walk away by one negative sounding word. So be positive and pass it on.

    John Borillo 19 Sep at 05:54
  • This is awesome! I really learned a lot. Thank you for your help.

    mslizzie 3 Oct at 08:26
  • – i understand how frustrating that might be
    – i understand how inconvenient that must be
    – i know that could be frustrating
    – i understand how you feel

    CC3 3 Oct at 12:24
  • -It is unfortunate that.
    -I truly empathize that.
    -I sympathize with your situation/disappointment..

    Anonymous 5 Oct at 21:47
  • Great tips. Can anyone share more closing phrases and some open ended/probing questions or a website I can refer to. I spent 5 years in call center in sales/service/billing and just recently started in a cable/tv/phone tech support call center so that is new to me. Thanks

    renne71 9 Oct at 02:34
  • thank you for calling,my name is xxxx how may I assist you with today?
    before continue.(before anything else )..please allow me to pull up my resourses first ( may I please have your first name and last name to properly address you..

    Anonymous 17 Oct at 21:33
  • Helloi i read your comments about call center conversations.. i need more help about it i just start job last week, and i m from turkey, i will speak with foreing customers.. so i m working aesthetic beauty center. so i need diffirent kind of conversations.. thank for your helping guys.. 18 Oct at 10:17
  • Hi All,
    I’m new in customer services and want to know how to acknowledge any query or concern with positive note…

    Seepu 26 Oct at 18:16
  • Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas. It really helps and I’ll be able to improve now my communication skills. G

    Anonymous 19 Jan at 08:58
  • Instead of using “great, fantastic, wonderful” what other power words or positive words that is not too generic?

    Greg garcia 19 Jan at 14:29
  • I learn a lot from you guys
    tank you very much

    Paulino Martinez 14 Feb at 02:12
  • Good content to learn from

    Patricia Fernandes 21 Feb at 16:42
  • Thanks, the information was useful.

    KisHoR KuMaR 5 Mar at 10:43
  • Thank you so much for bringing this/these to our attention so that we can improve our services as well.

    I appreciate you for giving us a call so that we can do something about it to improve our services.

    Anonymous 3 Apr at 19:35
  • Empathy acknowledgement, ownership.

    Sam 13 Apr at 17:11
  • Amazing thread! Helped me lot : ) Good going everyone of ya…

    I’ve a question, what If customer wants to talk to superior as soon as the agent picks the call?? And the customer is not ready to listen what agent replying.

    Bhuvi 16 May at 11:48
  • @Bhuvi

    No worries, I am more than happy to find an available supervisor for you.

    Escalate systemic problems and keep in mind the escalation time. It also adds frustration to cx

    Emmy A. 18 May at 11:50
  • @Ram what works for me when I resolved the issue

    “I hope in a way I was able to help you out with the concern.”

    (if cx asks do I need to click on yes?)

    “Any feedback will do.”

    “I was happy that I was able to assist you for today….”

    Emmy A. 18 May at 12:20
  • @Lyndsey: warn the customer.

    Acknowledge the problem: I understand the frustration that you face right now, I am trying my very best to help you out. (add if customer is shouting) You do not need to be angry.

    (Do not overly apologize) I do apologize is better than I’m sorry

    We do not tolerate profanity, I will be terminating the call.

    This is a second warning, I will be terminating the call if you will still use profane language.

    This is the last warning. Thank you for calling.

    Emmy A. 21 May at 12:15
  • Thankyou. I love positive words! :0)

    Mark R 24 May at 01:39
  • This was an enjoyable read. Its all about positive words!

    Mark R 26 May at 15:07
  • Really I’m happy after reading this. I got a confidence to handle the chat. Thank you for posting this comment.

    prayang 3 Jul at 18:40
  • could we end our conversation by telling “thank u for calling xxx have a nyc day bye bye “is there any alternative to end our conversation

    bindu 14 Aug at 05:55
  • I would suggest to also put more emphasize on technical knowledge of customer service staff, less on phrases. The customer might luke all the “Absolutely, fantastic” techniques, but if they realize their problem is not getting solved, they will start to hate the service even more because all it does is using marketing phrases which is disrespectful.

    Darko 4 Oct at 21:30
  • I was looking something like that. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article.

    Noor Ahmed Raaz 13 Oct at 08:06
  • Thank you so much!

    sash 18 Oct at 03:37
  • thanks for the help guys!!!

    R 18 Oct at 11:46
  • I am a customer and all customer service agents say the same script since the 80’s… I would really appreciate talking to a human who knows how i feel and connects with what i am feeling before/after conversation. I can feel who makes a drama vs. a real human connecting.i appreciate every conversation that i dont ask why…i hope this helps

    Rik 21 Oct at 10:33
  • When speaking to a customer I find it hard to say I understand…… because when Im calling into a customer service line it really bothers me when someone tells me they understand my situation does anyone have any other words I can use instead of understand

    kris 28 Oct at 16:53
  • I get it very helpfull.I am gratfull for this.

    Henok 5 Nov at 08:39
  • What if I cannot help the guest in rectifying his actual complaint, but as a service recovery at times I need to offer him the best complimentary things. But even some guest become more angry stating they are not beggars to take my compensation, could you help me with right phrases to offer them politely, so that they do not disagree with my compensation.(Example : For a guest who complained about stains on bed sheet I need to offer him with complimentary dinner)

    Dinesh 6 Nov at 10:03
  • i’m a newbie in a voice account all the tips that were posted helps me a lot thanks…

    ryan 15 Nov at 02:36
  • It will help a lot those who are working in customer service. thanks.

    Arefin 12 Dec at 03:57
  • Customer is not always right! What is right is “Customer is always First!”

    Pedro 4 Jan at 14:16
  • I can understand the gravity of the situation.

    Rakesh 5 Jan at 19:41
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  • thanks its works

    Garry 22 Mar at 15:07
  • very helpful for 1st time call center agent like me 🙂

    pogi 1 Apr at 20:23
  • Bah. Adverbs are ugly and ignored by listeners.

    Here are much better expressions for anyone trying to get his way without seeming to do so:

    Yes, and…
    Thanks for saying that and ….
    Wonderful, and …

    Ward Smith 3 May at 00:38
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    adele 8 May at 21:52
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    Eivoj 15 Jun at 04:09
  • Hi, somebody here knows powerful words that starts with letter q, x and z?

    Jayson 27 Jun at 10:31
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  • Guys at the end of the day for these spiels to work in your end deliver it with the right TONE/VOICE.

    Kiangan 27 Oct at 00:56

    Naithan 18 Nov at 11:30
  • Thanks for letting us know

    Rachael Boynton 9 Dec at 13:13
  • Reasuring:
    It will be a pleasure for me to help you,
    No response:
    Unfortunately I have not received a reply from you, do you wish to continue?
    Put on hold:
    Give me a moment I need to verify this for you, it will not be long.

    Sofiane 1 Dec at 17:32
  • Some really useful words and phrases for anyone in the customer service world! Language really can transform you communication with someone from negative to positive (and vice versa!!).

    Eva Birch 19 Dec at 12:39
  • When speaking with a customer, THAT moment, is your most important moment.

    Green Dog 23 Dec at 02:42
  • This tips are very useful… guys can you please help me develop more my ability in communication skill?? I will be working as outbound customer service for floral company..thank u for your help guys..

    Pamela 16 Jan at 05:06
  • Not “Customer always right” , But “customer always has the right”
    to be listened, served, appreciated, valued …

    Ahmed 18 Jan at 07:13
  • These tips are really great, I always highlight the important of language to the team I manage. I manage a call centre that deals mainly with customer queries. We often over look how powerful words are and how they can completely change positive communication with a person to a negative exchange when words are chosen wrongly. I found the following resources really helpful when doing some refresher customer service training with staff I know have these 5 do not say words displayed around the office.

    Eva Birch 24 Jan at 20:57
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  • “We may agree that Customer is NOT ALWAYS Right,
    but we have to consider that Customer is ALWAY IMPORTANT.”

    rhomz 12 May at 23:57
  • The Customer Is NOT Always Right, But The Customer Is All We’ve Got!

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    Congratulations to the creator of this.
    Thanks to all accommodating contributors.
    And lucky to us who were able to read this for free!

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  • I love positive words. Thanks for these. I will definitely utilise them

    mark r 6 Aug at 07:58
  • I totaly agree with the post. We can always translate the negative phrases to positive. For example,

    Why not? → Sounds good.

    No problem → Definitely!

    Can’t complain → Everything’s going well, thanks.

    I’m exhausted → I need a rest.

    I’m going to forget → I’ll make sure I set a reminder.

    It will not be delivered on time → It will be delayed.

    Constructive criticism → Constructive Feedback.

    Please hold → One moment, please

    By using this idea of positive responses we can have a cumulative impact on the customer.

    Jayaraj Chanku 29 Jan at 01:31
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    Jonty Pearce 30 Jan at 11:09