Contact Centre Dashboard Excel Template


If you need a call centre dashboard template, then this addition to our extensive collection of free contact centre tools could get you ahead.

How Does It Work?

Our dashboard is an easy-to-use call centre key performance indicator (KPI) balanced scorecard, which you can use to track metric results.

By simply entering a whole range of KPIs into our dashboard template, our visual display will enable you to monitor and optimize performance.

At a quick glance, our data visualization tools will simplify KPI analysis, helping you to capture insights within seconds, not hours.

Also, the free, user-friendly customer service metrics dashboard can cover a great range important KPIs within one visually stimulating format.

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What’s Included?

We have included the key KPIs that you may want to include on your call centre dashboard and have incorporated them into our invaluable template.

We present the information with engaging visual displays to bring each of the following types of metrics to life:

  • Contact volumes (across all contact types)
  • Complaint volumes (spread over different complaint reasons)
  • Sales volumes
  • Customer experience metrics (e.g. customer satisfaction)
  • Customer survey feedback
  • Service level
  • Abandon rate

Being easy-to-edit, you can even customize the template and choose which metrics you want to display.

Stay in Tune With Your Performance

As a manager, you understand the importance of staying in tune with your contact centre’s performance.

Our dashboard balanced scorecard allows you to keep tabs on your KPIs, helping you to spot historical trends across a whole host of metrics.

Using these quick insights, you can drive positive change.

Over time, you will also start to get to grips with how your contact centre KPIs influence one another, enabling you to make further improvements to your customer service strategy.

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Our call centre dashboard template is not the only free useful contact centre tool that we offer.

In fact, we have lots more solutions that will help you to improve the performance of your operation.

These contact centre tools include:

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Published On: 27th Mar 2022 - Last modified: 26th Sep 2023
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