Call Centre Technology

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Agent Desktop


Our panel explain where you might be failing with your agent desktop.

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Knowledge Management Systems – 10 Things Learnt the Hard Way


Here are some things we learnt from Motability Operations about introducing and maintaining a usable knowledge management system.

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How Do I… Make Webchat the Channel of Choice?


Our panel of experts explain how you can encourage your customers to choose webchat over the phone.

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Top Tips for Fixing Broken Processes


Our expert panel reveal some simple ways to help keep your contact centre processes up to date.

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An Introduction to… Erlang Calculations


Our panel explain everything you need to get started with Erlang calculations – from how to use them to what to watch out for.

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10 Examples of YouTube for Self-Service


Looking to improve self-service? Here are 10 examples of how other companies are doing self-service with YouTube.

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What’s Next With… Multichannel?


Our panel of experts look at how the multichannel customer experience is expected to change over the next few years, and where it might be by 2025.

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How Do I… Get My Customers to Self-Serve?


Our panel of experts share their top tips for encouraging your customers to help themselves.

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The Hidden Gems of Agent Desktop Software


Our panel of experts share the lesser-known features of agent desktop software which you can enable to improve your contact centre.

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Will Virtual Reality Replace Your Agents?


Is Virtual Reality the next trend set to shake up customer service? Kseniia Aksenova takes a look.

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