Call Centre Technology

How Do I… Make YouTube into a Self-Service Channel?


Our panel of experts explain how you can make YouTube into a self-service channel.

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What’s Next With… Headsets?


We take a look at how headset technology is expected to change over the next few months and years.

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Spotlight on… Local Council Contact Centres


We take a look at the initiatives that are changing how our local council contact centres are being run.

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An Introduction to… Voice Biometrics


Our experts take an in-depth look at what is Voice Biometrics and how it can benefit your contact centre.

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16 Mistakes to Avoid With Call Scripting


Our experts reveal the mistakes you need to avoid to create the very best call scripting experience for both your customers and your agents.

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The Best Ways to Handle Customer Feedback


Our expert panel reveals what you should be doing with your captured data to create the best possible customer experience.

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Are You Making These Classic Outbound Dialling Mistakes?


Our panel highlight the mistakes you should be avoiding when running an outbound dialling campaign.

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Forecasting Excel Template


We have developed a free forecasting template in Excel to help you with your Call Centre Planning.

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How Do I… Capture the Voice of the Customer?


Our panel explains what you should be doing to fully understand the customers coming through your contact centre.

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Installing Excel Add-ins for the Forecasting Template


Add-ins are a feature in Microsoft Excel that provide additional features and commands.

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