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Call Centre Hints and Tips to improve your contact centre

What Are the Best Words and Phrases for Building Rapport? – in 140 Characters


We asked our Twitter panel “What are the Best Words and Phrases for Building Rapport?”

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Contact Centre Hacks – Improving First Contact Resolution


Our readers share their thoughts on how you can improve First Contact Resolution in your contact centre.

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How Do I… Tune Up the Recruitment Process?


Our panel reveals how to find and keep the best candidates for your contact centre.

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29 Ways to Boost Contact Centre Morale


Our readers offer their tips for making sure your agents enjoy coming to work each day.

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33 Quick Wins for Performance and Quality


Our readers share their tips on maintaining high performance and quality in the contact centre.

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20 Tips for Creating Super Agents


Our panel share their advice on how to turn agents into super agents.

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7 Ways to Build an Emotional Connection by Email


Boost your customer loyalty by increasing your agents’ emotional intelligence.

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28 Ways to Optimise Agent Scheduling


Our panel reveals how to get the best out of your contact centre scheduling.

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6 Games to Liven up the Contact Centre


Chase away the autumn blues with some of these fun contact centre games.

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36 Ways to Boost Contact Centre Productivity


Our panel offer their advice on quick wins for agent productivity.

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