10 Top Tips for Social Customer Service


Our readers share their thoughts on how you can improve the social media customer experience in your contact centre.

1. Don’t assess Twitter by your response times alone

Be careful with monitoring your Twitter success by your response times.

Response time can be marred by auto-acknowledgement – and doesn’t necessarily measure resolved issues.

With thanks to Rob

2. Offer a call-back service via your Twitter feed

It can be slow and frustrating to have to take a Twitter conversation into a Direct Message (DM) stream to confirm personal details – especially if the customer is complaining.

We now offer a call-back service to help resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

With thanks to Rob

3. Align your marketing and customer service teams

Marketing and customer service must be completely aligned in order to deliver a successful social media strategy.

With thanks to Matthew

4. Create subject matter experts who can deliver quicker responses

We’ve created subject matter experts who are able to tweet well-informed responses quickly.

With thanks to Mike

5. Use your Twitter feed for more than just complaint handling

Google are now rating your company website rankings from your social media feeds.

It’s really important to make frequent news releases – as well as handling your customers’ front-line issues.

With thanks to Rob

6. Agents should already be familiar with Twitter before you invest in training

Don’t underestimate familiarity and experience with social media channels when looking to train up new social media teams.

With thanks to Mike

7. Respond as quickly as the channel allows

Customers use Twitter due to the speed of accessing it, so make sure they receive the same response!

With thanks to Coral

8. Monitor your social media channels 24/7

Our social media team monitor our channels 24/7.

They have basic knowledge to help with simple technological issues, but can also refer customers to the right support channel if necessary.

With thanks to Mike

9. Train all your agents to use social media

We are currently training our entire customer team to handle social media, so that everyone will be able to respond to a peak in demand.

With thanks to Cheryl

10. Focus on getting the basics right

It is important to get the basics right with social media – especially with regard to response times.

I think we should all stop focusing on exceeding our customers’ expectations until we can get the basics right – every time!

With thanks to Eric

Published On: 24th Jun 2015 - Last modified: 2nd Dec 2022
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